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happynewyear092Happy New Years everyone!

Mom and I went and did a lesson with Ginger at Stony Point Shopping Mall this morning. We walked through Dick’s Sporting goods…. do they know that it is detrimental to my mental stability to have all those balls just laying around? We posed for a picture by the large Christmas tree, but Ginger kept moving, I think the wind was blowing her away.

On the way home mom stopped and got a 6 pack of Leinenkugel’s seasonal beer, Fireside Nut Brown.


Mom hasn’t tried it yet, but she told me the lady at the store thought it was one of the best seasonal beers out….of course! Then mom told the lady about me and I think if the store hadn’t been so busy I would have gotten an invite in…maybe next time. I told mom to put the Fireside Nut Brown in the fridge so we could have one to celebrate 2009!


Reilly the Bouvier is here spending the next couple days with us. He’s cool, we run around in the yard barking and chasing each other. This afternoon we were discussing our 2009 resolutions during a breather. Here are some of the ones we came up with:

  • Walk nicely with our owners so we go for longer walks.
  • Keep the squirrels out of the back yard.
  • Not bark at dogs or humans when we are out in public.
  • Let our owners sleep in at least once a week, otherwise stick our cold wet noses in their ears to wake them up.
  • Help pay for dog food with my job.
  • Not destroy any more basketballs at other people’s houses.
  • Have fun and visit friends.
  • Explore more of Richmond Virginia.
  • Be the best demo dog and PR dog,  for Follow Me Dog Training LLC
  • Keep in touch with my friends all over the U.S.

That is all we had a chance to discuss before we took off running again. Mom said her resolutions are alot like mine, especially the more walking, working  and exploring..yay!

As an official BEERDOG I have to remind everyone to drink responsibly and don’t drive!

Have a safe and happy New Year! I hope 2009 is full of good health, much wealth and faithful friends.

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What is it about ribbon bows that  make my human want to stick them on dog heads and laugh. I played along because there was a promise of tennis balls… I don’t know why Maggie and Pepper played along.


Did I sleep through Christmas morning?

Did I sleep through Christmas morning?

Does this bow make my ears look bigger?

Does this bow make my ears look bigger?

you are kidding right...don't make me growl at you

you are kidding right...don't make me growl at you

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I have to go work on my New Years Resolutions….and hide all the bows mom has lying about!

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Renée says I have a firm spot on the “nice” list so I thought I would send out my letter to Santa before the big day arrives. Pepper and I will be sure to leave a bottle of Leinie’s and a Milk Bone  for Santa and his Reindeer.

Dear Santa,

I don’t really want much for Christmas. Being able to spend time with my family, do my job, have a warm place to sleep and a Kong Ball to gnaw on are the most important things in my world, and I have those already. So as I was curled up snoozing and thinking in my warm sunspot I came up with a few things that I think are especially important.

  • I wish for all the Military Working Dogs   all over the world to find safety and courage in the face of their jobs. May you protect your handlers, find all the weapons and drugs, and on the completion of your tours of duty find a wonderful adoptive home.
  • I wish for the ending of breed specific legislation, spay/neuter laws, and dangerous dog laws that are poorly written and are not helping.
  • I wish for an end to dog fighting through legislation that makes sense…blame the deed not the breed!
  • I wish for a dog friendly United States where I can go run, play and walk because I am responsible and my owner is responsible.
  • I wish all the new puppies and rescued dogs that find their homes over the holidays will explain to their owners the importance of training and exercise.
  • I wish that they would outlaw those flexi/retractable leashes…those things are dangerous for us dogs and our owners.
  • I wish that people would understand that when they bring a dog into their homes, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it.
  • I wish that when I wake up Christmas morning the room will be filled with Tennis balls, Cuz balls, Discs, Kong balls, tugs and warm beds.

I promise to stay on the “nice” list and work hard in 2009. Pepper said to mention she agrees to everything in my letter although I think she mentioned something about eliminating the squirrels.  She is too lazy to write herself. Have a safe trip Santa, the Leinie’s will be waiting for you and I promise not to bark when I hear you coming down the chimney!

woofs from your favorite Malinois,



Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Winter Solstice to all my friends, human and dog!

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So we got back from our road trip last week and Renée has been busy catching up on work at her desk and we have been to a couple lessons. The nice thing is that Pepper doesn’t come home till tomorrow night. So I have had Renée all to myself the past couple weeks….ok not true, Reilly spent the night last night. Someone gave Reilly an unfortunate haircut and Renée and I can’t help but laugh at him.


So on our trip I marked each new state we drove through. North Carolina I peed on a tree at Catawba College, South Carolina I peed on a bush at some resturaunt that Renée had lunch with an old friend, Georgia I peed at Renée’s cousin’s house because the whole yard smelled like the lady’s pet pigs Sherman and Ruthie. The pigs got to come inside at night and slept in the room with people and their dog Parker didn’t care at all. I thought they smelled weird and spoke a weird language. I accepted it though because Cassidy (another cousin)  knew what beer I was named after.


We spent the bulk of our time at the Georgia Dog Gym. Cyndy’s dogs Tyler, Toute, June and Riff were awesome hosts. They let us play on the agility equipment and Riff loaned us some discs as well.

My Aunt Faye was there with Cap. Last time I saw Cap we didn’t really get along so well but this time we had a blast hanging out and running around.


Cap and I had so much fun running around, checking out the horses, listening to the lectures and we crashed hard at night!

I did my job and introduced Cyndy to Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, She shared a few with Renée in the evenings when we all ran around the pasture with the horses. It is a good thing to find Leinenkugel in other states!


When we finally returned home I was too tired to even gnaw on my bone. Hey check out my new collar…it is Riffwear…I love it!

I’m looking forward to the next roadtrip, although Mom says the next one will be to MD for the holidays.

I’m going to go laugh at Reilly some more!

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We’re going on a road trip! Renée took Pepper up to meet Grandma this morning which means it is a Follow Me Dog Training LLC trip.

road trip

I’m told we are heading to Rome, Georgia for a seminar called “Cyndy Douan on Border Collies as Pets: Can YOU Live with a High Drive Working Dog?”   I am definitely not a Border Collie…I am a Belgian Malinois. But I am a high drive working dog for sure!

I’ve met Cyndy before at the International Association of Canine Professionals conference a couple years ago. She has a Border Collie named Riff that apparently is one of the coolest dogs that Renée has ever met..I think if Renée got a chance she would probably steal him. I won’t let her though, you can’t go from owning  a perfect Malinois like myself to a lowly Border Collie!

Aunt Faye called and said she is going to be there also! Aunt Faye has a herding dog as well, actually she has 4 living in her house at the moment. (shout out to Schwartz, Coco, Jackson and Cap!) But she is only bringing her English Shepherd, Captain, to the Georgia Dog Gym.

Herding dogs are known for their ability to control livestock and cattle. But really they can be taught to move and control anything. Sheep, cattle, geese off golf courses and airports, goats, reindeer, these are only a few of the things a herding dog might be asked to move. The ability to think on our feet and have the energy to spend all day working puts us in a class of high drive and high energy dogs!

No doubt this road trip will be more then just the seminar though, Renée already mentioned that we are going to spend some extra time with Cyndy and Riff and hopefully be able to work on some agility and disc dog stuff!


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