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dscf0394Today is my fourth Birthday!

Mom is laughing at me because I am posting about my own birthday, but really it is an attempt to get more tennis balls. So in honor of my birthday, please send toys to www.followmedogtraining.com .

Ok now mom is telling me I am being selfish… send tennis balls or toys or much needed supplies to a MWD and their handler deployed overseas in honor of my birthday! (check out http://www.scwda.org/ )

Mom is calling, I think I have to work today..but she promised me a trip to the park, so I’ll go help these dogs and then celebrate the rest of the day with Mom and Pepper.


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41008-023Ginger has been visiting for the past week. She is my favorite Goldendoodle. We have been having fun playing in the back yard and going for walks. She thinks she is as fast as me….but she isn’t!


When Mom is getting work done on the computer Ginger hangs out on the big blue place so she doesn’t wander and get into trouble. Sometimes I join her, sometimes I just get on there to distract her so I can steal the toy she is chewing on.


So last night Pepper was running around acting like a terrier, Ginger and I stayed calm and on our place. I know when Pepper gets worked up she usually does something stupid like run around with mom’s slippers or bounce from couch to chair to couch, and sometimes she will start barking and racing around with the zoomies. Well, Ginger and I didn’t need to get involved in her craziness.

As we were going to bed, Ginger went in her kennel and Pepper, Mom and I went into the bedroom and Mom started laughing hysterically. I of course pricked up my ears thinking we maybe weren’t going to bed, perhaps we were going to play. Not so much, Mom took a picture of what she was laughing at and told me I could blame Pepper all I wanted.


Now look closely at the second shelf far right…that upside down red and black thing is one of Mom’s slippers. Funny how Pepper placed it right next to the picture of her and mom, and right under the stuffed dog’s nose…as though to blame the innocent stuffed animal when we all know it was that darn Irish Terrier!

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Come on, that ball has a purpose doesn't it?

Come on, that ball has a purpose doesn't it?

Last night our friend Erika came to visit for a couple days. We were all sitting around watching tv and I went to explore Erika’s stuff…she has a cat at home and I wanted to make sure the cat didn’t come visit as well. Guess what I found in a bag…a tennis ball..it was new and yellow and just what every malinois’ dreams are made of. Well, apparently she didn’t bring it for me. It made me wonder what other exciting things might be found in the bags Erika brought into the house.

When she sat down with another big bag, I thought for sure this one contained something for me, but instead she pulled out some weird stuff and then a ball attached to a string. But she wouldn’t throw it for me. Mom told me to knock it off and lie down, so I stalked Erika and the ball for awhile.

Apparently Erika was knitting, what a waste of a perfectly good ball.


Just a side note, Erika is in town because she and Renée are going up to Quantico National Cemetary in Virginia for an internment service for retired Marine Lt Col. Vinup. He lost a six year battle with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia. There is no cure for this form of Leukemia. Erika is running in the Yuengling Shamrock  1/2 Marathon  in Virginia Beach March 2009 to help raise funds for a cure. For someone who swore she would only run if being chased, this 1/2 Marathon is a big step for Erika and something that we should all consider supporting. If you are interested in making a donation to Erika’s team, go here for more information http://pages.teamintraining.org/va/shamrock09/evinup

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41008-018Charlotte came to stay with us for the weekend. She is a pretty cool dog, kind of submissive but once she figures out the game, loves to chase around the back yard with Pepper and I. I met her a couple months ago when Momand I started working with her and her family. I like it when friends come to stay because it means more playtime in the back yard and wrestling in the evening.

41008-001It also means though that mom has to clean the kitchen floor…usually cursing under her breath about dirty dog paws…I don’t get it.

41008-017Charlotte needs to understand that I’m not going to give her my pink ball no matter how sweet she is!

Mom’s calling we are off to take Charlotte home and a couple lessons!

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