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_dre5996I’m a pretty active dog, some might even call me over active. I love to have fun and really if there is a toy involved I will do just about anything. Chase a ball, catch a Frisbee, swim all day, run around with friends, walk all over Richmond Virginia, place on weird things like fire hydrants and going  full speed at these tasks can be a problem sometimes. Mom had to learn pretty quick when I came to live with her that I needed plenty of exercise and that she needed to watch me carefully when I exercised.

Because I am so gungho, sometimes I don’t even notice if I injure myself. I have run into things and juked my body about and skidded to a stop so many times I usually just shake it off. Unfortunately my excitement can lead to injuries like swimmers tail and heat stroke. Mom is pretty good about noticing when I need to stop. She’s not to bad at giving a massage in the evening to loosen my back and neck up. But  I still hurt sometimes.

A couple weeks ago I was hurting in my neck and my shoulders. I couldn’t stop chasing the ball but noticed I would let out a whimper every once in awhile picking a ball up, but I couldn’t stop… The only way I knew how to tell my Mom was to scream when she touched my ears…well she likes to rub them and they connect to the neck muscles in a round about way, lucky for me Mom noticed and took some action.

Wouldn’t you know it she put me on restricted exercsie. That meant I could go work with Follow Me Dog Training LLC clients, I just wasn’t allowed to play with them and Mom left the ball in the car.

Last week she took me to see Dr. Tracy Lord, DVM. I love this lady! She loved on me and started massaging me gently while she and Mom talked. Dr. Lord said she works on some Malinois’ in Williamsburg, Virginia so knew how crazy I could be. She gave me a chiropractic adjustment and stretched me out a little and it felt sooooo good!

When we were done I didn’t have a problem with them rubbing my ears and was even messing with them a little bit, joking around. I could hold my neck higher and had a little more spring in my step. I can’t wait to see Dr. Lord again next week… although Mom said Pepper was coming so I won’t have Dr. Lord all to myself.

I’m off restricted exercise and can run around like a loon again, mom is still giving me massages and heating my back for me. Mom mentioned something about keeping me in shape and monthly visits to Dr. Lord to keep me moving right!

Now, where is my ball…no time to stop and sleep…


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My friend Chaela sent me a new toy recently. Check it out:


It is called a Humunga Tongue. Mom laughed when she pulled it out of the box. I haven’t played with one in a long time and I’ve only ever borrowed one from friends. Chaela was so cool to send it to me, she has a sense of humor I can appreciate. Mom took Pepper and us outside and she threw it around, once more cracking herself up whenever I carried it back to her with the tongue hanging low.

Honestly though, I may look goofy when I have this thing in my mouth, but Pepper looks downright hysterical!


I’m looking forward to mom taking this toy with us to a lesson or group class…. We’ll have to see how many of my friends can hang on to it.

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