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pictures 032All About Beer Magazine has announced it’s new host city for the World Beer Festival!!!! Save the date Richmond, Virginia and come to Browns Island for World Beer Festival Richmond on 29 August 2009! 

Mom is super excited about the whole event. I am excited because I get to see a bunch of my friends including: The Fourleggeds, Erika (maybe I can explain to her this time what a ball should really be used for!), The great folks from What you see is what you get and maybe some other friends!

Doubtful I’ll be allowed again to go to the actual event but mom said I’ll be involved somehow! I think I saw her designing a group t-shirt, I might need to help her with that! Because you know that Leinenkugel Brewery should be there in some capacity!

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Have you ever tried anything from the Highland Brewing Company?

Mom came home from the store the other day a little giddy. She didn’t have any Pup-Peroni in her bags for me or Pepper so I didn’t quite get it. She had to explain to me that she found some Gaelic Ale. Now I admit, I am a bit biased when my mom brings home something new to try, I always want it to be something new that the Leinenkugel Brewery has released!

So I let her tell me a bit about this Highland Brewing Company…and although I don’t condone going out of the family…it sounds pretty good. And not only does it get a thumbs up from mom but it gets hearty thumbs up and woofs from our friends in NC at http://www.fourleggeds.com .

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