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So this time of year all I’m seeing are top 10 lists. Top ten favorite dog toys, top ten favorite doggy spas, top ten favorite dog names…etc. So of course I consulted with Mom we pulled together a top ten favorite beers list for 2009. Mom wanted to try them all again as I was making this list, I had to guard the fridge so she would be sober enough to help me type this out….

  1. Anything from the Leinenkugel Brewery!!!!!! This house isn’t picky, we like them all and so should you…or I’ll bit you….
  2. Guinness it isn’t just a beer to drink on St. Patrick’s day! Get someone to pour it right or be in awe of the widget in the draft bottles….how cool is the widget?!
  3. Gaelic Ale from Highland Brewing Company
  4. Pumpkinhead Ale from Shipyard Brewing Company
  5. 420 Extra Pale Ale from Sweetwater Brewery
  6. Longboard Island Lager from Kona Brewing Company
  7. Tusker Lager from East Africa Breweries LTD hard to find but brings back oh so many memories!
  8. Lucky Kat from Magic Hat Brewing Company Beer Kitty, Kitty!
  9. Yuengling Lager from Yuengling… their Black and Tan comes in a close second.
  10. Point Amber Classic from Stevens Point Brewery

There are a lot of good beers and Breweries out there. But one should always have a few of their favorites in the fridge for a rainy day….or a snowy day…or a hot day…or well any day that ends in y. Cheers and drink responsibly….

Mom said I could do a top ten list of my favorite dog toys next time…better start gathering and testing them out.


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It’s that time of year again and thankfully we’ve been so busy here in Richmond that I haven’t had a chance to get on the computer and write my letter to Santa yet. We’ve had dogs staying with us and the snow…wasn’t the snow a blast!!! Mom told me today that I was officially on the nice list again, so is Pepper. Course I have been on my best behavior and showed off for her especially today when we went to see the vet. I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with Grandma, Grandpa and their Irish Terrier, Maggie. So before mom packs us up I better put out some treats and a few Leinie’s by the fireplace for Santa.

Dear Santa,

Really I have everything I need. I have a job. I get to spend time with family. I keep in touch with all my friends in the US and get to see them when we travel. I have a warm place to sleep and I know where mom hides all the tennis balls. So once more I was thinking of the things I would wish that are really important. Pepper is hanging over my shoulder making sure I get it all right. It might sound a bit like last years letter, but unfortunately they all need to be wished for again!

  • I wish for all the Military Working Dogs all over the world to find safety and courage in the face of their jobs. May you protect your handlers, find all the weapons and drugs, and on the completion of your tours of duty find a wonderful adoptive home.
  • I wish for the ending of breed specific legislation, spay/neuter laws, and dangerous dog laws that are poorly written and are not helping.
  • I wish for an end to dog fighting through legislation that makes sense…blame the deed not the breed!
  • I wish for a dog friendly United States where I can go run, play and walk because I am responsible and my owner is responsible.
  • I wish all the new puppies and rescued dogs that find their homes over the holidays will explain to their owners the importance of training and exercise.
  • I wish that they would outlaw those flexi/retractable leashes…those things are dangerous for us dogs and our owners.
  • I wish that people would understand that when they bring a dog into their homes, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it.
  • I wish that when I wake up Christmas morning the room will be filled with Tennis balls, Cuz balls, Discs, Kong balls, tugs and warm beds.

Pepper still wants me to put in something about squirrels but I just can’t do it, they do keep us entertained. Besides she should write her own list! Thanks for everything Santa! Have a safe trip, the Leinie’s will be waiting for you and I promise not to bark when you come down the chimney!

Love your favorite Malinois,


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76 years ago, on 5 December 1933, the United States Government made the wise decision to repeal the 18th Amendment, officially ending Prohibition with the ratification of the 21st Amendment. This is the first and only time in American history that an Amendment to the U. S. Constitution was repealed.

Prohibition caused more problems than anyone could imagine when they first thought of it. Officially it meant that the manufacturing, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors was outlawed. With prohibition came the underground Speakeasy, organized crime that transported and sold the liquors, it corrupted law enforcement (thanks to the crime bosses!), people created unsafe distilled liquors causing illness, it led to women drinking more than they had before, and smuggling was on the rise.

In the end making “intoxicating liquors” illegal wasn’t what the American people really wanted. In fact, they needed jobs and the alcohol business could provide that and more sales taxes for the government, a win win situation after the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

Let’s get personal though:

The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery is the seventh oldest brewery in the United States. During Prohibition, the Brewery manufactured a non-alcoholic malt beverage called Leino….it wasn’t very popular. So to get through Prohibition, they started marketing and selling soda water and made big business of it. Happily when Prohibition ended, the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery went back to making great beer! You can read more about Leinie’s history on their website. http://www.leinie.com

So for a beer lover like myself and my mom, why is the end of Prohibition something to celebrate….because without beer life would be boring, and I would probably be named Spot or Rover.

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