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Great things happened on 24 January

24 January is a special day in our household!

1. It’s my Birthday!!!!!!! I turned 7 this year. I don’t feel like a 7 year old. Mom took me out for a turn with a frisbee and I got some special time with her. That was awesome. Here’s to another fantastic year!

2. Beer Can Appreciation Day: on 24 Jan 1935 the first beer cans from Krueger’s Beers are sold in Richmond VA and are a huge success!!!!

Of course our canned beer of choice comes from the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co!

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Happy New Year!!!!!

The one night a year when mom drinks something other then beer…New Years!!!!

It seems like 2011 went by really quickly. I had a set of resolutions and I think I actually kept to all of them! I was able to adventure and explore into new areas of the Richmond VA area. Mom, Frappy and I traveled to GA, WI, NJ and OH to see friends. The business was so out of control busy that mom hardly had time to work with Frappy and I. We learned about some awesome new brews and breweries. It was a good year.

I’m ready for an even better year full of fun and friends.

Hoppy New Years!!! If you go out drinking be sure to have someone else drive you home! Cheers

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