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” Every Easter the Easter Beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs, which he hands out to all the good little children.” -Linus Van Pelt


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Small Business Saturday is upon us! The weekend after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. The 2nd annual Small Business Saturday wants people to shop locally! So I think that if you are going to shop locally, you should drink locally as well! Mom told me that Richmond Virginia has a strong brewing history and that there are more and more local Virginia Breweries popping up all the time!

Since coming to Richmond, mom and I have both been fans of Legend Brewery!

There is another new brewery in Richmond VA that mom has been to but I haven’t had a chance to visit. She says their Singel is pretty amazing and wants to go back…I think a visit with me to Hardywood Park Craft Brewery  is in order!

But lets not forget about the other Virginia breweries..soooo many to list them all but we’ll list a few and as you are out shopping, check what is on tap at local pubs and restaurants ! A great tip from this savvy Malinois is to check the window for a sticker that looks like this:

If you see one, it means there is a local Virginia brew in bottle or on tap in that establishment.

TASTE THE LOCAL is an advocacy group set up to promote local beer in the city of Richmond, Virginia. We work with local breweries, businesses, and charities to increase the presence of local beer culture within the river city.

Our goal is to make Richmond the heart of Virginia craft beer. To intertwine local beer with RVA’s rich local art, music, and food culture. We believe that we can make Richmond a destination spot for beer lovers in VA through the promotion of local breweries.

So check out some of these Virginia Breweries and keep yourself sane during the holiday season!


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I’ve had 365 days to come up with a new plan and I think I have this down. Gone are the days of laying a trap with carrots and look outs. And Frappy proved last year that carrot traps were futile… We have had some changes in the household and I don’t have Pepper’s support any more so I have been training Frappy. Unfortunately during training, Frappy hurt a paw so we had to look to outside help this year again. At this point you might be wondering what this is about….well, lets call it my quest to meet the Easter Bunny!

He has left me a letter the past two years and I just haven’t been able to figure out how I haven’t been able to catch him. So I thought things through again and here is part of the plan…I can’t tell you all because apparently the moles and the squirrels are spying for the Easter Bunny and they read blogs.

So I have Bull the German Shorthair Pointer and Austin the Schnauzer running wind sprints in the yard, I’m pretty sure they are faster then any bunny out there.

I have MacIver, the Scottish Deer Hound,working on his rabbit impersonations….

Frappy keeps getting into things and messing with the traps….

Lets go Easter Bunny! I know I can get you this year!

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Happy New Years!!!

Over on the Follow Me Dog Training LLC blog;  mom,  Frappy and I put together a list of top 10 tips to make 2011 the best year ever. It turned out pretty cool and I think everyone should concentrate on all 10 tips, we would have a happier world!

I have a few resolutions for the next year. Most people don’t stick with their resolutions but mom always seems to hold me to mine so I’ll share a few with you:

Support our Men, Women and K9’s that are stationed all over the world. They are there so we can live freely here. Special shout out to my buddy James!

Spend time with Family!

Spend time with Friends

Defy the laws of gravity

Learn new things

Stay focused on my goals

Share good beer with everyone!

Sleep hard

Work hard

Play hard

Keep looking forward and never backward

These are only a few, you can imagine that a Malinois like myself has a list as long as my tail. I hope everyone has a fantastic 2011!


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Dear Santa:

2010 was a crazy year in our household so writing my letter to you was a little difficult without a certain redhead looking over my shoulder. Instead I had Frappy helping me out. Mom is still really sad about loosing Pepper in April and I don’t blame her, I am too every once in awhile. Although Frappy has taken the lead in chasing squirrels quite well. So I am leaving a treat for you by the fireplace, but please remember we will be at Mom’s brother’s house on Christmas…don’t forget me!

  • I have a couple friends that were sent to Afghanistan this year so it is even more important for me that you keep them safe and bring them home safe as well. I wish safety and a swift return to all the men, women and K-9’s that are serving our country over seas.
  • I would like my mom to schedule more Jump classes…I had a blast this year teaching new dogs how to enjoy jumping!

  • I know this isn’t doable, even for you Santa, but I wish that I didn’t loose so many friends. I miss them and know they are waiting for me and mom at the Rainbow Bridge, but I miss them. If they have to go, I wish them a safe journey and I look forward to seeing them someday.
  • I wish for more trips to see my friends! Maybe a trip to see the Monochromes at theGeorgia Dog Gym, or Dahlia in CT, or the Buteo Bay Bunch in WI, and to That’s My Dog! Inc.
  • I wish for some sanity in dog legislation…you know, blame the deed not the breed, spay/neuter according to what is best for your dog, stop dog abuse and hoarding/puppy mills!
  • I wish for a stocking full of tennis balls!
  • Santa, things are going well for Follow Me Dog Training LLC so I really want it to stay that way. Frappy is learning what her job in the business is and I am still having a blast being the main PR Dog! I wish for the business to continue in the direction it is going!

Have safe travels around the world and I promise I will leave a couple cold Leinie’s for you and some cookies. Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do…I BELIEVE and if I could get Frappy to stop chasing elves, I think she would too!

Woofs! Leinie

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Mom was invited by the dad of my dog friends, Cookie and Meadow, to a Richmond Beer-istoric tour. I’m really jealous it was a ‘no dogs allowed’ tour, but mom said we will definitely be going back to some of these spots together! This past week has been Richmond Beer Week, presented by GreatBrewers.com! So a lot of the local breweries and restaurants have on tap an amazing collection of new beers. There are a lot of events and one of them was this Beer-istoric Tour. I’ll let mom finish up the description:

Mike Gorman was the Historian for the day. You can see Mike give lectures as he works for the National Park Service in Richmond, VA. He was a wealth of information and aside from the beer, the best part of the tour! He even put together a time line of Richmond’s beer history for us!


Mike Gorman, RVA Historian & Beer lover


Our starting point was Mekong, a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant with a great beer selection. We all boarded a green bus provided by To The Bottom And Back. The bus was stocked with water, pretzels and apples and packed full of beer lovers.


O'Connor Great Dismal Black IPA at Capital Ale House Downtown


First stop was at the Capital Ale House Downtown location. I had an opportunity to talk dogs with the owners, Mike and Linda Jones. (see Leinie, I can make this about dogs in some way if I try hard enough). We had a sampling of  Wolf Hills Brewing Co. O’connor Great Dismal Black IPA.


off the bus to go check out the Yuengling Brewing Co. ruins

Starr Hill McSteamy California Common at Boathouse, Rocketts Landing

Second stop was in Rocketts Landing, the old site of the only other location in the United States that had a Yuengling Brewery. We climbed down and saw some of the old ruins and then walked over to The Boathouse for a pint of Starr Hill Mc Steamy California Common. Our group all converged on the patio and I had an opportunity to talk with Channel 8 newsman, Juan Conde. He was amazed that we were on a tour learning about Richmond’s beer history!



Legend Brewing...take me to the Barley wine!

Frist Tappin of the Legend Barley Wine

Third Stop was Legend Brewing Co. After tasting the barley wine, some of us headed upstairs to the restaurant to grab something to eat, and for me a pint of Porter! Leinie has been to Legend Brewing Co. by the way. When it is warm out, dogs can hang out on the other side of the fence by the patio.



Battlefield Kolsch sampled at TJ's at The Jefferson

Fourth stop was at TJ’s at The Jefferson. What a cool place! Tried the Battlefield Coral Sea Kolsch which was brewed by new friends of mine (we bonded over a shared love of beer and dogs, they own Shiba Inus)! Each of the Battlefield brews are named after major battles in history. I might have to take a trip up to Fredricksburg for a visit, yes Leinie, you’ll go too.



Starr Hill Cryptical Imperial Stout at Commercial Taphouse


Fifth stop was at the Commercial Taphouse to sample some of Starr Hill Cryptical Imperial Stout…looks like the samplings are getting smaller..that was a good thing! And all through the tour, Mike Gorman was giving us historical updates…incredible!


Williamsburg Alewerks Royal Aged Coffee Imperial Stout at Can Can

Sixth stop was at Can Can Brasserie where we sampled the Williamsburg Aleweks Royal Oak Aged Coffee.




Blue Mountain Dark Hollow Reserve at Mekong

Seventh stop was back to Mekong. It was time for a delicious meal and a pint of Blue Mountain Dark Hollow Reserve.


Thanks so very much to Mike Gorman, Jacob Brunow and Steve Tuzeneu of Browns Distributing, all the amazing host restaurants and breweries, To the Bottom and Back (Thank you so much Cookie and Meadow’s dad for the ticket!!!), and everyone that attended the first ever Richmond Beer-istoric tour. This was by far the most fun I have had on a history tour ever and it wasn’t just because of the beer. Ok Leinie, you can have your blog back!

Sounds like mom had fun…but I made sure she enjoyed some Leinie’s Red and Creamy Dark the past couple days!

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Today is Veterans Day! A day to thank, and remember those men, women and K9’s that have bravely served our country’s Military.

In today’s military history many Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd Dogs are on the front line with our troops. They are doing an amazing job and I want to personally send a “woof” to you all and I know mom is putting together a box of dog stuff for some troops in Afghanistan to go out today.

This Veteran’s Day I want like to draw attention to one of the most decorated Canine war heroes in US history. Stubby, was a bull terrier mix that wandered into the camp of the Connecticut 102nd Infantry in 1917. Smuggled aboard ship by a young Private, his adventures in France began.

His most famous exploit however, came during the Battle of the Argonne where he is credited with the capture an enemy spy. Official accounts note that Stubby leaped from the safety of the trench, bit a previously undetected intruder on the seat of his breeches and held him there until the shocked German could be disarmed. –Sam L. Rothman

He had a long and incredibly interesting military career and when he returned home, he returned to the United States a hero. Upon his death in 1926 his remains were preserved and given to the Smithsonian . His obituary, in the  New York Times, was 3 columns long.

Stubby was certainly not the first dog to go to war with the Unites States Military, but he is on of the most decorated K9’s that stood on the grounds of some of the most important battles of World War I.

So today I’ll have mom raise a glass of Leinenkugel’s Creamy Dark in honor of Stubby and all the other K9’s that have gone to war for the United States! Thank You!!!!

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