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So Mom, Pepper and I went to visit our friends at the Georgia Dog Gym this past weekend. Mom introduced us to this cool little dog named Frappuccino, Frappy for short. She is wicked good fun and guess what, she came home with us!!!

Mom told me that Frappy and I will share duties at Follow Me Dog Training LLC and that I am supposed to help Frappy learn the ropes. This is going to be a blast.

A couple people have already asked Mom why she didn’t name Frappy after a beer. Frankly it is because I told Mom that really you should only have one Beer Dog in the house at a time!

Plus, look at this…

I think she is named appropriately!

While Mom was in GA, I encouraged her to pick a six pack of Terrapin Beer. So she grabbed some Hop Karma IPA. It is an Indian style brown ale….Mom liked it. Did you know that you can take your dog to the beer garden at the Terrapin Brewery in Athens GA? Yep, they can’t go in the brewery but are welcomed leashed to the Garden…I think that needs to be part of our next road trip to GA!

I’m tired from our trip and need to count the Kong Balls to see if I can give one up to Frappy….

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“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog. A dog can show you more honest affection with a flick of his tail than a man can gather through a lifetime of handshakes.”
Gene Hill

Happy Valentines Day!   Love Leinie

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I’m Thankful for:

  • Any kind of Ball, Frisbee, disc, tug, stuffy, squeaky or thing that I can play with.
  • Pepper, she taught me from when I first came into the house what the rules were and how to play like a Terrier.
  • My friends, it was hard picking a picture because I make so many through my job. Here is me with Bandit, Falcon and Emily.
  • Buteo Bay and everything that comes with it.
  • All the brave women, men and K-9’s that keep the United States free!
  • A sense of humor that keeps my mom laughing at me when I have too much energy for her!
  • My mom….she really is the coolest!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Maddie & Me

A couple weekends ago Mom and I went to NC. Usually we got to NC to visit our friends Todd and Rachel and their Fourleggeds. But this time Mom said we were going to see different friends…Robin and Maddie from That’s My Dog! Inc. They were going to be in town for a workshop hosted by Carolina Dog Training LLC.

pictures 086

There were some really cool dogs taking part in the workshop. Some of the dogs included were, an Italian Spinone named Milo, a cool pitmix named Jersey, a Boxer named Luna, a Chihuahua named Batman and a Clumber Spaniel named Jimmy. There were also a couple members of the United States Pentagon Police K-9 Unit, they were really impressive dogs and both Mom and I thanked them for their service!


Milo the Italian Spinone

pictures 091

Jimmy the Clumber Spaniel & Renée

pictures 081


pictures 083

everyone loose leash walking!

Even though the weather wasn’t all that great, we had a wonderful time. All the dogs learned a ton, I was happy to see Robin and Maddie and mom made some cool new friends. Continuing education is important for everyone…at least that is what mom keeps telling me!

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E-PALOOZA 5: A Gathering Of Training Professionals Dedicated To Educating And Enhancing The World Of Dogs.

An anual event hosted by That’s My Dog! Inc, in Hazel Green Wisconsin. Speakers include Cyndy Douan, Scott Mueller, Larry Sontag, Robin MacFarlane and others.

Follow Me Dog Training LLC is on it’s way to Wisconsin! I’m so excited, that means we are going to see my friends in Rhinelander..I hear they have a few new dogs in the pack. I get to go swimming!!!! Hopefully I won’t get swimmers tail this year!

41008 213

I also get to see all my old friends from Hazel GreenMom’s also been naming the people and dog friends that are going to be there and I can’t wait to go run in the pasture with them!

41008 243

Mom needs to get the car packed and load us up, I hear we are stopping by Grandma and Grandpa’s house to drop off Pepper. Let’s go mom, I got my ball, that is all I need!!!!

41008 064

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Mom and I went down to Rome Georgia over the July 4 weekend. I like road trips, they mean I get to see friends and family and do cool stuff.

pictures 007

I got to play in the pool with Lilly.

pictures 028

Get some loving from my cousin Susie!

pictures 033

Go swimming with my buddy Riff!

pictures 034

Went to a picnic and fun match with the Greater Atlanta Dog & Disc Club. Our friend Cyndy signed mom and I up for the Toss & Fetch and we came in 4th place in the Novice division. I had a blast! I love a frisbee and mom learned some new tricks and she mentioned trying to find something locally to keep up with it!

pictures 039

It was hot at The Georgia Dog Gym! So this was my prefered way of cooling off after practicing some jumping skills.


Mom had me doing some cool tricks for more of the cousins on our way home. I went through the legs of 3 people…my cousin Chad’s pants were so low the tunnel looked funny by the time I got to him 🙂

Needless to say I had fun with my friends in GA, I learned a ton and can’t wait to go down to visit again.

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Monday 25 May 2009 is the day America observes Memorial Day. Take a moment at 3pm on Memorial Day, forget about the hot dogs, the ocean breeze, the cold Leinie’s in your hand, the fact that you are sunburning as red as a tomato and think about the men, women and DOGS that served the United States of America in armed conflict around the world.


41008 025

My mom and I have a busy working weekend but will take the time monday to send out some prayers to those that have fallen. We will also take special time to think good thoughts for the friends that we have that are currently serving in America’s Armed Forces….Thank you!!!!!


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Mom is packing the car! Pepper and I are going to visit our friends in North Carolina! Our training business, Follow Me Dog Training LLC, has been really busy. We have had hot and cold running dogs, lessons out the wazoo and mom and I both deserve a little vacation.


Pepper and I are going so we can visit with our human friends Todd and Rachel. But I am even more excited to see my NC girlfriends, Lexi, Beth, Chloe and Shea! I can’t wait to see them and mom said they have chickens too….this will be fun!!!

Mom is going because of some event that she said I wasn’t allowed to go to… I think I should be though..check it out:

WORLD BEER FEST!!!!  And the Leinenkugel Brewery is going to be there!!!! My name is Leinie…I should be allowed in…I would represent I swear!


Mom is calling, better log out, grab a Kong ball to go and hop in the car!

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HAPPY EASTER!!!!  I was excited this morning! I put at least two full bags of carrots out last night…mom was a little mad. When the alarm went off I couldn’t help but bounce off the bed and start spinning with excitement, damn that snooze button and the grumpy voice saying “Lay down!” All 5 of us did a quick search around the back yard before our walk, but nothing….. When Falcon, Pepper, Mom and I got back from our walk we saw a present on the front porch!


There was also a letter attached. So we let Bandit and Emily out and gathered so Pepper could read it to us.


Dear Leinie,

The squirrels informed me of your meeting and the carrot traps. Being the Easter Bunny can be dangerous work sometimes. One night a year to hide all those darn eggs and deliver all those baskets…you know Santa gets alot of credit but it isn’t like he is hiding the presents…Anyway, I appreciate the attention but I really wish you wouldn’t try to trap me. Set your sights on that Cadbury Bunny, ever since he started hanging out with the Hershey’s M&M guys it is like he joined some weird chocolate gang. Stay away from the Peeps though they can be dangerous!

I need you to pass on some information to your fellow dogs today. Tell them to stay out of the grass I put in the Easter Baskets…really it doesn’t taste good and can be pretty dangerous. I don’t want to hear about you or a bunch of your friends needing surgery because of it. Also remember that chocolate can be toxic to dogs. No chasing, catching or eating any of the baby animals that are being born this spring. (and I know about those Spectators in Ohio eating my brothers and sisters!!!!) If you find any plastic eggs when you are out at the park…I didn’t hide them for you, they are for the kids. Really, when you think of it Easter isn’t a very dog friendly holiday…..

So be good to Renée today and have fun working. Tell Renée I left her a chocolate rabbit on top of the refrigerator, out of your reach! Enjoy the sunshine and HAPPY EASTER!!!

Your’s for the day,

Easter Bunny


Not exactly what I was hoping for but that’s ok…mom just informed me that Easter isn’t all about the bunny anyway. That doesn’t mean I won’t go and try to catch him again next year though! Happy Easter everyone!

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dscf17391My friend Sasha came to stay with us for a week. Her family got to go skiing in some place called Utah. Sadly for us, it rained almost the whole time Sasha was with us so we didn’t get to do as much playing as we normally do. Don’t get me wrong, we chased down a couple squirrels and figured out that there was a bunny under the shed, but we did it wet. For some reason momwas always wiping our paws and complaining about the mud on the kitchen floor.


We sat on the front porch a lot watching the rain fall and watching the squirrels race across from the telephone wire to the tree in the front yard. Next time Sasha comes, I hope it is nicer out so we can go do more and not have to have our feet wiped every time we came inside.


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