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Hoppy Easter everyone!!!

I’m not sure where I went wrong, but woke up this Easter morning and was met with a note from the Easter Bunny again. He did leave a basket for mom and a new Premier Bouncy Bone for me and Frappy…but another year goes by without meeting the elusive rabbit!

Here is what the note said:

Dear Leinie,

Although I truly believe you may have out done yourself this year, I just couldn’t risk meeting with you and your friends. Blame it on the squirrels they showed me this video and I couldn’t help but wonder if you had ulterior motives then just wanting to meet me.

I think you are smarter then that but I have to tell you the squirrels painted a not so pretty picture. Then I saw that German Shorthair Pointer, Bull, chasing me down and I just knew I needed to be safe.

Anyway Leinie, I wish you, Frappy and your mom a happy Easter. You know what is in the Easter Basket that is yours. It goes without saying that Chocolate and other Easter Candies are dangerous for dogs. Stay away from that grass stuff they put in alot of baskets! Tell Bull, MacIver and Austin they had me on the look out this year.

Be good Leinie and see you in another year…maybe! Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny

Bull did mention that he had managed to chase the Easter Bunny out of the yard and that the bunny has some serious speed.

Frappy and I inspected the basket for any clues that might help us next year.

Austin tried to follow the Easter Bunny’s trail but he couldn’t figure out anything either.

MacIver suggested that we all camp out next year wearing our bunny ears…I think he thinks he can pull off the bunny look…maybe when laying down…

Frappy said next year she won’t be injured so there is no way she’ll wear the ears to catch some stupid Bunny Rabbit! She is all about the squirrels anyway…

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!

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Admittedly we all want to be winners, but sometimes it is an honor to have people vote for you and come up as a top dog! Recently there was a photo contest held by Premier Pet Products on Facebook. They choose 13 finalists and then had Facebook friends vote for their favorite. There were some really cool pictures and even I think the top two were pretty darn cool! Now all three of us are in the PremierĀ  Photo Hall of Fame!

I love my Bouncy Bone!!!!

Premier has some really cool toys and stuff. I love their Bouncy Bone! Mom got me my first one at an IACP conference in Texas a couple years ago. I still have the ball rolling around somewhere…I let Frappy play with it sometimes.

So thanks to Premier for holding a cool contest! Thanks to all my friends that voted for me! And special thanks to my mom for training me so I could go out and do cool stuff like this!

Want to teach your dog to lend a hand….go train with Follow Me Dog Training LLC . You can also keep up with the business, Frappy and I on Facebook.

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Thanks to my friends at Unleashed Unlimited I found out about a really cool new product. Check this out :

Bark 4 Beer is making a very useful product for beer lovers! It is a dog collar with a bottle opener attached. Now when you are desperately looking for a bottle opener you can just call your dog to you and he’ll help you out! I have to admit this is a awesome idea for the beer drinker in your life. I really like their logo as well! I might need to get my mom a t-shirt.

I usually sport my Riffwear collar from the Georgia Dog Gym or my company colors so I don’t know if mom is going to get one of these for me to wear. Not to mention that the Leinenkugel Brewery bottles their beers with twist off caps! But we do have some friends that I can think of that would love this!

I know we’ll keep an eye on Bark4Beer though, because they may come up with even more cool stuff in the future!

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I’m Thankful for:

  • Any kind of Ball, Frisbee, disc, tug, stuffy, squeaky or thing that I can play with.
  • Pepper, she taught me from when I first came into the house what the rules were and how to play like a Terrier.
  • My friends, it was hard picking a picture because I make so many through my job. Here is me with Bandit, Falcon and Emily.
  • Buteo Bay and everything that comes with it.
  • All the brave women, men and K-9’s that keep the United States free!
  • A sense of humor that keeps my mom laughing at me when I have too much energy for her!
  • My mom….she really is the coolest!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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pictures 165

I lost my favorite red ball last weekend when I was at the park with mom. I swear I had it, I’m pretty sure that mom lost it, because I never would have lost it on my own! I think it might be hidden in our car but mom hasn’t let me search for it. So she felt guilty and went and got me a new ball. She said she wanted to try something different.

She brought home a Megaball! It is really really cool! It smells like vanilla and is a really cool shape. Mom said I wasn’t allowed to chew on it though. Kong Balls and Orbee’s are the only balls that I’m allowed to chew on. That’s ok with me, I’ll get to play with it at lessons and the park.

She also said that owning this toy said I was supporting the environment because it is eco-friendly and recyclable. Also it was made in a solar powered facility…how cool is that!

I’ve checked and it does bounce really well and it is the perfect size to carry, mom said that it floats too…maybe that means we are going swimming soon?

pictures 162

Damn, she is taking it out to the car, I’ve got to follow her!

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My friend Chaela sent me a new toy recently. Check it out:


It is called a Humunga Tongue. Mom laughed when she pulled it out of the box. I haven’t played with one in a long time and I’ve only ever borrowed one from friends. Chaela was so cool to send it to me, she has a sense of humor I can appreciate. Mom took Pepper and us outside and she threw it around, once more cracking herself up whenever I carried it back to her with the tongue hanging low.

Honestly though, I may look goofy when I have this thing in my mouth, but Pepper looks downright hysterical!


I’m looking forward to mom taking this toy with us to a lesson or group class…. We’ll have to see how many of my friends can hang on to it.

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