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Mom said she is going to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival on 4 June at the Richmond Raceway Complex! It is inside and no dogs are allowed….but I think it might be a must go for everyone. they are bringing in 60 Beers, 40 Bourbons and plenty of BBQ for everyone. I’m sure mom will tell me all about it when she come home.

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Mom was invited by the dad of my dog friends, Cookie and Meadow, to a Richmond Beer-istoric tour. I’m really jealous it was a ‘no dogs allowed’ tour, but mom said we will definitely be going back to some of these spots together! This past week has been Richmond Beer Week, presented by GreatBrewers.com! So a lot of the local breweries and restaurants have on tap an amazing collection of new beers. There are a lot of events and one of them was this Beer-istoric Tour. I’ll let mom finish up the description:

Mike Gorman was the Historian for the day. You can see Mike give lectures as he works for the National Park Service in Richmond, VA. He was a wealth of information and aside from the beer, the best part of the tour! He even put together a time line of Richmond’s beer history for us!


Mike Gorman, RVA Historian & Beer lover


Our starting point was Mekong, a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant with a great beer selection. We all boarded a green bus provided by To The Bottom And Back. The bus was stocked with water, pretzels and apples and packed full of beer lovers.


O'Connor Great Dismal Black IPA at Capital Ale House Downtown


First stop was at the Capital Ale House Downtown location. I had an opportunity to talk dogs with the owners, Mike and Linda Jones. (see Leinie, I can make this about dogs in some way if I try hard enough). We had a sampling of  Wolf Hills Brewing Co. O’connor Great Dismal Black IPA.


off the bus to go check out the Yuengling Brewing Co. ruins

Starr Hill McSteamy California Common at Boathouse, Rocketts Landing

Second stop was in Rocketts Landing, the old site of the only other location in the United States that had a Yuengling Brewery. We climbed down and saw some of the old ruins and then walked over to The Boathouse for a pint of Starr Hill Mc Steamy California Common. Our group all converged on the patio and I had an opportunity to talk with Channel 8 newsman, Juan Conde. He was amazed that we were on a tour learning about Richmond’s beer history!



Legend Brewing...take me to the Barley wine!

Frist Tappin of the Legend Barley Wine

Third Stop was Legend Brewing Co. After tasting the barley wine, some of us headed upstairs to the restaurant to grab something to eat, and for me a pint of Porter! Leinie has been to Legend Brewing Co. by the way. When it is warm out, dogs can hang out on the other side of the fence by the patio.



Battlefield Kolsch sampled at TJ's at The Jefferson

Fourth stop was at TJ’s at The Jefferson. What a cool place! Tried the Battlefield Coral Sea Kolsch which was brewed by new friends of mine (we bonded over a shared love of beer and dogs, they own Shiba Inus)! Each of the Battlefield brews are named after major battles in history. I might have to take a trip up to Fredricksburg for a visit, yes Leinie, you’ll go too.



Starr Hill Cryptical Imperial Stout at Commercial Taphouse


Fifth stop was at the Commercial Taphouse to sample some of Starr Hill Cryptical Imperial Stout…looks like the samplings are getting smaller..that was a good thing! And all through the tour, Mike Gorman was giving us historical updates…incredible!


Williamsburg Alewerks Royal Aged Coffee Imperial Stout at Can Can

Sixth stop was at Can Can Brasserie where we sampled the Williamsburg Aleweks Royal Oak Aged Coffee.




Blue Mountain Dark Hollow Reserve at Mekong

Seventh stop was back to Mekong. It was time for a delicious meal and a pint of Blue Mountain Dark Hollow Reserve.


Thanks so very much to Mike Gorman, Jacob Brunow and Steve Tuzeneu of Browns Distributing, all the amazing host restaurants and breweries, To the Bottom and Back (Thank you so much Cookie and Meadow’s dad for the ticket!!!), and everyone that attended the first ever Richmond Beer-istoric tour. This was by far the most fun I have had on a history tour ever and it wasn’t just because of the beer. Ok Leinie, you can have your blog back!

Sounds like mom had fun…but I made sure she enjoyed some Leinie’s Red and Creamy Dark the past couple days!

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What is believed to be the ‘oldest beer’ in the world was found in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea.

They found a whole bunch of Champagne as well, but really this is about the beer! They think the beer is about 200 year old, maybe older.

“It seems that we have not only salvaged the oldest champagne in the world, but also the oldest still drinkable beer. The culture in the beer is still living.”- Rainer Juslin, permanent secretary of the Aland Island’s ministry of education, science and culture. (according to CNN)

So the Baltic Sea is the perfect place to preserve the beer, cool temperatures and no light, but they don’t know if it has gone flat or not.

Wonder who the lucky person that gets to taste test it will be?

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!

Here are your instructions:

Grab a Lime

Grab Mexican Beer of Your Choice

Finish to the last drop!

Recycle the Bottle and Grab Another!

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The First Gentlemen of Virginia, 1909    John Ward Dunsmore

George Washington wasn’t just the first President of the United States of America, he was also a dog lover!

He kept over 36 hounds for his favorite past time, Fox Hunting. He was also an original breeder for the American Foxhound.

This is why I like George though; he had four Hounds named Drunkard, Taster, Tipler and Tipsy.

George Washington was also a fan of a good porter! In a letter written by his secretary Tobias Lear we see his love of Porter brewed by Philadelphia brewer, Robert Hare:

“Will you be so good as to desire Mr. Hare to have if he continues to make the best Porter in Philadelphia 3 gross of his best put up for Mount Vernon? as the President means to visit that place in the recess of Congress and it is probable there will be a large demand for Porter at that time.”

He even had a recipe for his own beer! How do we not love this guy? Although he was mostly a fan of a good dark Porter, preserved in a notebook is this recipe for small beer:

“To Make Small Beer

Take a large Siffer [Sifter] full of Bran Hops to your Taste. — Boil these 3 hours then strain out 30 Gall[ons] into a cooler put in 3 Gall[ons] Molasses while the Beer is Scalding hot or rather draw the Melasses into the cooler & St[r]ain the Beer on it while boiling Hot. let this stand till it is little more than Blood warm then put in a quart of Yea[s]t if the Weather is very Cold cover it over with a Blank[et] & let it Work in the Cooler 24 hours then put it into the Cask — leave the bung open till it is almost don[e] Working — Bottle it that day Week it was Brewed.”

I think we should all raise a good dark porter in honor of George Washington’s Birthday!!!!!

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Thanks to my friends at Unleashed Unlimited I found out about a really cool new product. Check this out :

Bark 4 Beer is making a very useful product for beer lovers! It is a dog collar with a bottle opener attached. Now when you are desperately looking for a bottle opener you can just call your dog to you and he’ll help you out! I have to admit this is a awesome idea for the beer drinker in your life. I really like their logo as well! I might need to get my mom a t-shirt.

I usually sport my Riffwear collar from the Georgia Dog Gym or my company colors so I don’t know if mom is going to get one of these for me to wear. Not to mention that the Leinenkugel Brewery bottles their beers with twist off caps! But we do have some friends that I can think of that would love this!

I know we’ll keep an eye on Bark4Beer though, because they may come up with even more cool stuff in the future!

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pictures 005

19 September – 4 October 2009 marks the official dates of the 2009 Oktoberfest celebration. Can you believe it is the 176th Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest festival in the world. 16 days of BEER, music, people from all cultures and fun. It is such a popular festival that countries around the world hold their own Oktoberfest celebrations. Alot of different breweries release an Oktoberfest seasonal just in the fall. I of course encourage everyone to try out the Leinenkugel Brewery’s Oktoberfest!


However, check your local brewery for their fall seasonal. Mom goes nuts for the Shipyard Brewing Company’s Pumpkinhead Ale, and has been seen with a Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

Regardless of how you celebrate Oktoberfest, raise a pint of your favorite brew to King Ludwig I of Bavaria who married Princess Therese and just had to throw a big party to celebrate!

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pictures 032All About Beer Magazine has announced it’s new host city for the World Beer Festival!!!! Save the date Richmond, Virginia and come to Browns Island for World Beer Festival Richmond on 29 August 2009! 

Mom is super excited about the whole event. I am excited because I get to see a bunch of my friends including: The Fourleggeds, Erika (maybe I can explain to her this time what a ball should really be used for!), The great folks from What you see is what you get and maybe some other friends!

Doubtful I’ll be allowed again to go to the actual event but mom said I’ll be involved somehow! I think I saw her designing a group t-shirt, I might need to help her with that! Because you know that Leinenkugel Brewery should be there in some capacity!

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happynewyear092Happy New Years everyone!

Mom and I went and did a lesson with Ginger at Stony Point Shopping Mall this morning. We walked through Dick’s Sporting goods…. do they know that it is detrimental to my mental stability to have all those balls just laying around? We posed for a picture by the large Christmas tree, but Ginger kept moving, I think the wind was blowing her away.

On the way home mom stopped and got a 6 pack of Leinenkugel’s seasonal beer, Fireside Nut Brown.


Mom hasn’t tried it yet, but she told me the lady at the store thought it was one of the best seasonal beers out….of course! Then mom told the lady about me and I think if the store hadn’t been so busy I would have gotten an invite in…maybe next time. I told mom to put the Fireside Nut Brown in the fridge so we could have one to celebrate 2009!


Reilly the Bouvier is here spending the next couple days with us. He’s cool, we run around in the yard barking and chasing each other. This afternoon we were discussing our 2009 resolutions during a breather. Here are some of the ones we came up with:

  • Walk nicely with our owners so we go for longer walks.
  • Keep the squirrels out of the back yard.
  • Not bark at dogs or humans when we are out in public.
  • Let our owners sleep in at least once a week, otherwise stick our cold wet noses in their ears to wake them up.
  • Help pay for dog food with my job.
  • Not destroy any more basketballs at other people’s houses.
  • Have fun and visit friends.
  • Explore more of Richmond Virginia.
  • Be the best demo dog and PR dog,  for Follow Me Dog Training LLC
  • Keep in touch with my friends all over the U.S.

That is all we had a chance to discuss before we took off running again. Mom said her resolutions are alot like mine, especially the more walking, working  and exploring..yay!

As an official BEERDOG I have to remind everyone to drink responsibly and don’t drive!

Have a safe and happy New Year! I hope 2009 is full of good health, much wealth and faithful friends.

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