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” Every Easter the Easter Beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs, which he hands out to all the good little children.” -Linus Van Pelt


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Mom is laughing at us again. While she sits and enjoys the chocolate bunny that was left for her, we are just left with what the Easter Bunny brought us. A pile of stuffed rabbits, and another letter.

Dear Leinie and friends,

Your plans certainly were more ingenious this year. But once more the squirrels tipped me off and I have a Mole under the shed that gives me info on your back yard meetings. Although I thought for sure since your mom left the windows open last night that you would hear me hopping through the yard.

I really applaud your desire to meet me but I just can’t let that happen. You can imagine that I am a little wary of most dogs that take an interest in me. Maybe you and your family should look into the Easter Beagle. He is a much better role model for you and will teach you how to dance with the bunnies, rather then chase us.

Remember to stay out of your Mom’s chocolate, don’t eat any of that plastic grass and enjoy the coming of spring! See you next year and Happy Easter!

Yours for the Day,

The Easter Bunny

Woody was shocked that all the carrots didn’t draw the bunny in.

Frappy told off the squirrels and I think she signed up to Pepper’s army to eradicate the squirrels.

Bandit was watching for the Mole.

And Pepper is just enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Oh well, Mom says I have 365 days to come up with another plan. I’m going to go practice my “Snoopy Dance” and see if I can perfect it by then….

Happy Easter everyone….be safe and love your humans!

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