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Hoppy Easter Everyone!!!!

That elusive Easter Rabbit was too smart for my plan again. Frappy says to blame the squirrels. Brady was fascinated the Bunny brought him something and now wants to spend every Easter with us. And Mom is laughing at me while she noshes on a Cadbury Creme Egg. He left me another letter, which was very nice of him, but I would rather meet him in person.

Dear Leinie,

Hoppy Easter to my dear Malinois friend. Frappy is right, blame the squirrels, they told me about your plan. I have to say, the dyed eggs were a nice touch this year. I just couldn’t stick around though to meet you….and frankly I believe it would be unsafe for my health.

I did leave you, Frappy and your Mom a present and even included something in there for young Brady. Maybe I can convince him at a young age not to hunt me down in the future. Let your Mom take the toys out of that nasty Easter grass for you. It is a choking hazard to you and all pets! I have been lobbying for years for the holiday people to get rid of it. And as you know, stay far far away from the chocolate. Make sure you teach Brady about chocolate, he seems like a cute little guy and I don’t want him to have a glass of hydrogen peroxide poured down his throat on Easter! The Wubba is for Frappy, the Jolly Egg is for you and the stuffed rabbit is for Brady. And as always the Leinenkugels is for your mom!

Below is a quote from one of my arch nemesis’s one year, it is kind of self explanatory why I choose not to meet the people or dogs I deliver to.

Elmer Fudd: I’m waiting for the Easter Wabbit. When he comes in looking so fwuffy and cute with his wittle basket of Easter eggs… BANG! Easter Wabbit stew. He he he he.

Have a wonderful Easter and we’ll see what happens next year!

The Easter Bunny

Thanks Mr. Easter Bunny…I’m taking notes and asking mom where I can learn about this Elmer Fudd guy. Right after I go play with my new Jolly Egg! My friends down at the Georgia Dog Gym have one and I coveted it. They are a ton of fun and perfect for a high energy dog like myself!

Frappy was playing with her Wubba.

But we had to make Brady earn his Easter gift. At first he wasn’t too pleased and a little confused:

We’ve all been there little buddy, at least you are too young to hold the basket in your mouth! But then Brady really took to the ears..this dog wants to be a model when he grows up!

Enough torturing the new guy and we gave him his stuffed rabbit and he was very pleased with himself.

Another Easter and another missed opportunity to meet the big Bunny. Hey Mom, can we go watch some Looney Toons, I hear they have some research, er cartoon, called “Easter Yeggs” that I should watch.



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It is that time of year again…the Easter Bunny is making an appearance. I took alot of notes after last year’s fiasco. And I am thinking I might retrace my steps to two years ago and try the carrot thing again. So I had a meeting and sadly, this is what I have to work with this year:

Austin, the Schnauzer has left already, but he was here last year and said he could help young Brady learn the tricks of the trade. I don’t know how much help these three are going to give me but we’ll see.  I think Frappy might be more help this year since the I read her last years letter from the Easter Bunny saying the Squirrels were helping him and foiling all of our plans.

So step one: Lay down a carrot trap

Step Two: dye some eggs and place them strategically around the yard…someone mentioned I might be able to fool the Bunny with my own eggs…

Step three: Working on young Brady’s wind sprints so he can help track the bunny down tomorrow morning.

Step four: Try on the bunny ears, and wait patiently till tomorrow morning.


Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

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Hoppy Easter everyone!!!

I’m not sure where I went wrong, but woke up this Easter morning and was met with a note from the Easter Bunny again. He did leave a basket for mom and a new Premier Bouncy Bone for me and Frappy…but another year goes by without meeting the elusive rabbit!

Here is what the note said:

Dear Leinie,

Although I truly believe you may have out done yourself this year, I just couldn’t risk meeting with you and your friends. Blame it on the squirrels they showed me this video and I couldn’t help but wonder if you had ulterior motives then just wanting to meet me.

I think you are smarter then that but I have to tell you the squirrels painted a not so pretty picture. Then I saw that German Shorthair Pointer, Bull, chasing me down and I just knew I needed to be safe.

Anyway Leinie, I wish you, Frappy and your mom a happy Easter. You know what is in the Easter Basket that is yours. It goes without saying that Chocolate and other Easter Candies are dangerous for dogs. Stay away from that grass stuff they put in alot of baskets! Tell Bull, MacIver and Austin they had me on the look out this year.

Be good Leinie and see you in another year…maybe! Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny

Bull did mention that he had managed to chase the Easter Bunny out of the yard and that the bunny has some serious speed.

Frappy and I inspected the basket for any clues that might help us next year.

Austin tried to follow the Easter Bunny’s trail but he couldn’t figure out anything either.

MacIver suggested that we all camp out next year wearing our bunny ears…I think he thinks he can pull off the bunny look…maybe when laying down…

Frappy said next year she won’t be injured so there is no way she’ll wear the ears to catch some stupid Bunny Rabbit! She is all about the squirrels anyway…

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!

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Mom is laughing at us again. While she sits and enjoys the chocolate bunny that was left for her, we are just left with what the Easter Bunny brought us. A pile of stuffed rabbits, and another letter.

Dear Leinie and friends,

Your plans certainly were more ingenious this year. But once more the squirrels tipped me off and I have a Mole under the shed that gives me info on your back yard meetings. Although I thought for sure since your mom left the windows open last night that you would hear me hopping through the yard.

I really applaud your desire to meet me but I just can’t let that happen. You can imagine that I am a little wary of most dogs that take an interest in me. Maybe you and your family should look into the Easter Beagle. He is a much better role model for you and will teach you how to dance with the bunnies, rather then chase us.

Remember to stay out of your Mom’s chocolate, don’t eat any of that plastic grass and enjoy the coming of spring! See you next year and Happy Easter!

Yours for the Day,

The Easter Bunny

Woody was shocked that all the carrots didn’t draw the bunny in.

Frappy told off the squirrels and I think she signed up to Pepper’s army to eradicate the squirrels.

Bandit was watching for the Mole.

And Pepper is just enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Oh well, Mom says I have 365 days to come up with another plan. I’m going to go practice my “Snoopy Dance” and see if I can perfect it by then….

Happy Easter everyone….be safe and love your humans!

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I think I have out done myself this year. Remember last year a bunch of us got together to form a plan to meet the elusive Easter Bunny. We got his attention but didn’t get to meet him in person. Well I started planning a few weeks ahead of time; stock piling some carrots, making sure the front and backyard were cleaned up, made mom pull herself away from the jelly beans and chocolate bunny’s so she could get some supplies and now I think I’m set.

We drew straws to see who could fit into the bunny persona the best. I won out. Pepper just wanted to enjoy the sunshine and frankly her vendetta is against the squirrels and she doesn’t really care much about the Easter Bunny.

And Frappy was more interested in getting into the carrots and messing with the carrot traps to be of much use.

Mom says I have two days till Easter morning, with Frappy eating the carrots, I may have to lay my traps again. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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HAPPY EASTER!!!!  I was excited this morning! I put at least two full bags of carrots out last night…mom was a little mad. When the alarm went off I couldn’t help but bounce off the bed and start spinning with excitement, damn that snooze button and the grumpy voice saying “Lay down!” All 5 of us did a quick search around the back yard before our walk, but nothing….. When Falcon, Pepper, Mom and I got back from our walk we saw a present on the front porch!


There was also a letter attached. So we let Bandit and Emily out and gathered so Pepper could read it to us.


Dear Leinie,

The squirrels informed me of your meeting and the carrot traps. Being the Easter Bunny can be dangerous work sometimes. One night a year to hide all those darn eggs and deliver all those baskets…you know Santa gets alot of credit but it isn’t like he is hiding the presents…Anyway, I appreciate the attention but I really wish you wouldn’t try to trap me. Set your sights on that Cadbury Bunny, ever since he started hanging out with the Hershey’s M&M guys it is like he joined some weird chocolate gang. Stay away from the Peeps though they can be dangerous!

I need you to pass on some information to your fellow dogs today. Tell them to stay out of the grass I put in the Easter Baskets…really it doesn’t taste good and can be pretty dangerous. I don’t want to hear about you or a bunch of your friends needing surgery because of it. Also remember that chocolate can be toxic to dogs. No chasing, catching or eating any of the baby animals that are being born this spring. (and I know about those Spectators in Ohio eating my brothers and sisters!!!!) If you find any plastic eggs when you are out at the park…I didn’t hide them for you, they are for the kids. Really, when you think of it Easter isn’t a very dog friendly holiday…..

So be good to Renée today and have fun working. Tell Renée I left her a chocolate rabbit on top of the refrigerator, out of your reach! Enjoy the sunshine and HAPPY EASTER!!!

Your’s for the day,

Easter Bunny


Not exactly what I was hoping for but that’s ok…mom just informed me that Easter isn’t all about the bunny anyway. That doesn’t mean I won’t go and try to catch him again next year though! Happy Easter everyone!

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