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So Mom, Pepper and I went to visit our friends at the Georgia Dog Gym this past weekend. Mom introduced us to this cool little dog named Frappuccino, Frappy for short. She is wicked good fun and guess what, she came home with us!!!

Mom told me that Frappy and I will share duties at Follow Me Dog Training LLC and that I am supposed to help Frappy learn the ropes. This is going to be a blast.

A couple people have already asked Mom why she didn’t name Frappy after a beer. Frankly it is because I told Mom that really you should only have one Beer Dog in the house at a time!

Plus, look at this…

I think she is named appropriately!

While Mom was in GA, I encouraged her to pick a six pack of Terrapin Beer. So she grabbed some Hop Karma IPA. It is an Indian style brown ale….Mom liked it. Did you know that you can take your dog to the beer garden at the Terrapin Brewery in Athens GA? Yep, they can’t go in the brewery but are welcomed leashed to the Garden…I think that needs to be part of our next road trip to GA!

I’m tired from our trip and need to count the Kong Balls to see if I can give one up to Frappy….

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Thanks to my friends at Unleashed Unlimited I found out about a really cool new product. Check this out :

Bark 4 Beer is making a very useful product for beer lovers! It is a dog collar with a bottle opener attached. Now when you are desperately looking for a bottle opener you can just call your dog to you and he’ll help you out! I have to admit this is a awesome idea for the beer drinker in your life. I really like their logo as well! I might need to get my mom a t-shirt.

I usually sport my Riffwear collar from the Georgia Dog Gym or my company colors so I don’t know if mom is going to get one of these for me to wear. Not to mention that the Leinenkugel Brewery bottles their beers with twist off caps! But we do have some friends that I can think of that would love this!

I know we’ll keep an eye on Bark4Beer though, because they may come up with even more cool stuff in the future!

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Mom and I went down to Rome Georgia over the July 4 weekend. I like road trips, they mean I get to see friends and family and do cool stuff.

pictures 007

I got to play in the pool with Lilly.

pictures 028

Get some loving from my cousin Susie!

pictures 033

Go swimming with my buddy Riff!

pictures 034

Went to a picnic and fun match with the Greater Atlanta Dog & Disc Club. Our friend Cyndy signed mom and I up for the Toss & Fetch and we came in 4th place in the Novice division. I had a blast! I love a frisbee and mom learned some new tricks and she mentioned trying to find something locally to keep up with it!

pictures 039

It was hot at The Georgia Dog Gym! So this was my prefered way of cooling off after practicing some jumping skills.


Mom had me doing some cool tricks for more of the cousins on our way home. I went through the legs of 3 people…my cousin Chad’s pants were so low the tunnel looked funny by the time I got to him 🙂

Needless to say I had fun with my friends in GA, I learned a ton and can’t wait to go down to visit again.

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So we got back from our road trip last week and RenĂ©e has been busy catching up on work at her desk and we have been to a couple lessons. The nice thing is that Pepper doesn’t come home till tomorrow night. So I have had RenĂ©e all to myself the past couple weeks….ok not true, Reilly spent the night last night. Someone gave Reilly an unfortunate haircut and RenĂ©e and I can’t help but laugh at him.


So on our trip I marked each new state we drove through. North Carolina I peed on a tree at Catawba College, South Carolina I peed on a bush at some resturaunt that RenĂ©e had lunch with an old friend, Georgia I peed at RenĂ©e’s cousin’s house because the whole yard smelled like the lady’s pet pigs Sherman and Ruthie. The pigs got to come inside at night and slept in the room with people and their dog Parker didn’t care at all. I thought they smelled weird and spoke a weird language. I accepted it though because Cassidy (another cousin)  knew what beer I was named after.


We spent the bulk of our time at the Georgia Dog Gym. Cyndy’s dogs Tyler, Toute, June and Riff were awesome hosts. They let us play on the agility equipment and Riff loaned us some discs as well.

My Aunt Faye was there with Cap. Last time I saw Cap we didn’t really get along so well but this time we had a blast hanging out and running around.


Cap and I had so much fun running around, checking out the horses, listening to the lectures and we crashed hard at night!

I did my job and introduced Cyndy to Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, She shared a few with RenĂ©e in the evenings when we all ran around the pasture with the horses. It is a good thing to find Leinenkugel in other states!


When we finally returned home I was too tired to even gnaw on my bone. Hey check out my new collar…it is Riffwear…I love it!

I’m looking forward to the next roadtrip, although Mom says the next one will be to MD for the holidays.

I’m going to go laugh at Reilly some more!

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We’re going on a road trip! RenĂ©e took Pepper up to meet Grandma this morning which means it is a Follow Me Dog Training LLC trip.

road trip

I’m told we are heading to Rome, Georgia for a seminar called “Cyndy Douan on Border Collies as Pets: Can YOU Live with a High Drive Working Dog?”   I am definitely not a Border Collie…I am a Belgian Malinois. But I am a high drive working dog for sure!

I’ve met Cyndy before at the International Association of Canine Professionals conference a couple years ago. She has a Border Collie named Riff that apparently is one of the coolest dogs that RenĂ©e has ever met..I think if RenĂ©e got a chance she would probably steal him. I won’t let her though, you can’t go from owning  a perfect Malinois like myself to a lowly Border Collie!

Aunt Faye called and said she is going to be there also! Aunt Faye has a herding dog as well, actually she has 4 living in her house at the moment. (shout out to Schwartz, Coco, Jackson and Cap!) But she is only bringing her English Shepherd, Captain, to the Georgia Dog Gym.

Herding dogs are known for their ability to control livestock and cattle. But really they can be taught to move and control anything. Sheep, cattle, geese off golf courses and airports, goats, reindeer, these are only a few of the things a herding dog might be asked to move. The ability to think on our feet and have the energy to spend all day working puts us in a class of high drive and high energy dogs!

No doubt this road trip will be more then just the seminar though, Renée already mentioned that we are going to spend some extra time with Cyndy and Riff and hopefully be able to work on some agility and disc dog stuff!


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