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Mom is packing the car! Pepper and I are going to visit our friends in North Carolina! Our training business, Follow Me Dog Training LLC, has been really busy. We have had hot and cold running dogs, lessons out the wazoo and mom and I both deserve a little vacation.


Pepper and I are going so we can visit with our human friends Todd and Rachel. But I am even more excited to see my NC girlfriends, Lexi, Beth, Chloe and Shea! I can’t wait to see them and mom said they have chickens too….this will be fun!!!

Mom is going because of some event that she said I wasn’t allowed to go to… I think I should be though..check it out:

WORLD BEER FEST!!!! ¬†And the Leinenkugel Brewery is going to be there!!!! My name is Leinie…I should be allowed in…I would represent I swear!


Mom is calling, better log out, grab a Kong ball to go and hop in the car!

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