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Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!

Here are your instructions:

Grab a Lime

Grab Mexican Beer of Your Choice

Finish to the last drop!

Recycle the Bottle and Grab Another!

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I’m Thankful for:

  • Any kind of Ball, Frisbee, disc, tug, stuffy, squeaky or thing that I can play with.
  • Pepper, she taught me from when I first came into the house what the rules were and how to play like a Terrier.
  • My friends, it was hard picking a picture because I make so many through my job. Here is me with Bandit, Falcon and Emily.
  • Buteo Bay and everything that comes with it.
  • All the brave women, men and K-9’s that keep the United States free!
  • A sense of humor that keeps my mom laughing at me when I have too much energy for her!
  • My mom….she really is the coolest!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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We all know that the Leinenkugel Brewery is the best thing to have ever come out of Wisconsin right? I just want you to make sure that you all are sure of that fact because I’m about to discuss another Wisconsin brew and don’t want you to get confused.

Who hasn’t at one time in their beer drinking life had a taste of good old PBR. The Pabst Brewing Company actually has quite a few beers that you may have had at one time: Shaefer, Old Style Beer, Colt 45 Malt Liquor, McSorleys Ale, and Strohs Beer.

So we just learned that you can help buy the Pabst Brewing company! so far, $5.25 Million has been pledged to but the company. Mom tried to explain the concept of crowdsourcing to me but honestly it didn’t make much sense…I couldn’t get past the whole “Lets all get together and buy a brewery!” idea.

The asking price is $300 Million, you don’t have to spend any money today. Make a pledge, you’ll be notified when the asking price is met and once you pay you’ll get a crowdsourced certificate of ownership.


Mom say’s we’re going out to find a 6 pack of PBR..got to go!

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Big Boy Toy Show 025

November 10, 2009 marks the 234th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Happy birthday to all the men, women and K9’s that are serving currently or have served in the USMC. Thank you for your dedicated service. Thank you for your valued history and your bravery in battle and in peace.

Dogs have been serving in the US Marine Corps since WWII. Doberman Pinchers were the original “Devil Dogs” They were essential “personel” in Vietnam, saving many lives on a daily basis. And today they serve countless missions to help our soldiers stay safe all over the world, but especially in today’s war zones.

So from this Malinois who doesn’t do much but fun tricks and keeping my mom safe and in a job, Happy Birthday to my US Marine Corps K9 buddies. You do work that most of us could only dream of. Thanks for protecting us and keeping us safe! Cheers and I’ll make sure mom raises a Leinie or two in your honor!

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Need a hand picking out your pumpkin?

Halloween is tomorrow. It’s a fun holiday…..at least I thought it was until mom came home all giddy for some reason. I can’t believe what she has done to us! I never thought in a million years this would happen to me. Pepper is concocting a plan to make this all worthwhile, but frankly I’m embarrassed.

pictures 132

pictures 129

Of all the asinine, crazy, harebrained ideas she has had, this costume takes the cake. Thanks mom…I can’t go out in public like this…I just can’t.

Pepper here!

This is brilliant, absolutely brilliant! What better way is there to sneak up on those damn squirrels and infiltrate their army!!!! They can’t escape us…we can totally pull this off. Hey! Stop laughing at me!

pictures 139

pictures 137

You just wait and see I can take over the world, even in this outfit!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween…I’m going to go see if this is actually working for Pepper. I’ll let you know.

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pictures 075

Good news for fans of the Carolina Brewery!!!! They just signed a distribution agreementto have their beers sold at Harris Teeter and some resturaunts. Kegs and growlers of their Sky Blue Golden Ale, Flagship IPA and Copperline Amber Ale will be offered.

Momsays she likes their Copperline Amber Ale and is looking forward to visiting the brewery in a couple weeks with our friends Todd and Rachel later in the month. Todd and Rachel own the Fourleggeds. Mom gets to go to the Carolina Brewery and I get to see my NC girlfriends; Lexi, Chloe, Beth and Shea!

pictures 072

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pictures 005

19 September – 4 October 2009 marks the official dates of the 2009 Oktoberfest celebration. Can you believe it is the 176th Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest festival in the world. 16 days of BEER, music, people from all cultures and fun. It is such a popular festival that countries around the world hold their own Oktoberfest celebrations. Alot of different breweries release an Oktoberfest seasonal just in the fall. I of course encourage everyone to try out the Leinenkugel Brewery’s Oktoberfest!


However, check your local brewery for their fall seasonal. Mom goes nuts for the Shipyard Brewing Company’s Pumpkinhead Ale, and has been seen with a Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

Regardless of how you celebrate Oktoberfest, raise a pint of your favorite brew to King Ludwig I of Bavaria who married Princess Therese and just had to throw a big party to celebrate!

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Remember in my Army of Squirrels post, I talked about the squirrels that hang out in the back yard and taunt Pepper and I. Well, mom showed me these pictures just recently and I vow to leave baby squirrels alone until they have the ability to try to out run me…or their mom isn’t watching!





Of course if I ever did get set upon by a mama squirrel, I wouldn’t allow pictures to be taken of my ass whooping…. This poor dog is probably in therapy….or at least needed a Leinie’s after that ordeal!

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Mom and I went down to Rome Georgia over the July 4 weekend. I like road trips, they mean I get to see friends and family and do cool stuff.

pictures 007

I got to play in the pool with Lilly.

pictures 028

Get some loving from my cousin Susie!

pictures 033

Go swimming with my buddy Riff!

pictures 034

Went to a picnic and fun match with the Greater Atlanta Dog & Disc Club. Our friend Cyndy signed mom and I up for the Toss & Fetch and we came in 4th place in the Novice division. I had a blast! I love a frisbee and mom learned some new tricks and she mentioned trying to find something locally to keep up with it!

pictures 039

It was hot at The Georgia Dog Gym! So this was my prefered way of cooling off after practicing some jumping skills.


Mom had me doing some cool tricks for more of the cousins on our way home. I went through the legs of 3 people…my cousin Chad’s pants were so low the tunnel looked funny by the time I got to him 🙂

Needless to say I had fun with my friends in GA, I learned a ton and can’t wait to go down to visit again.

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xyz41008 031Sad news for Richmond Virginia  beer lovers! All About Beer Magazine sent out a press release today confirming that the 29 August 2009 World Beerfest Richmond has been postponed until spring of 2010 (date to be released)

All About Beer Magazine announced today that the World Beer Festival scheduled for August 29 in Richmond will be held instead in the spring of 2010.

The World Beer Festivals have been held annually in Durham, NC for 14 years; Raleigh, NC for five years; and Columbia, SC for one year. Richmond, with its thriving beer community, will be the fourth city to host the event, which brings together several thousand beer lovers for an opportunity to sample a wide range of beers in a safe and enjoyable setting.

“We are committed to putting on a world-class event,” said Daniel Bradford, producer of the festival and publisher of All About Beer Magazine. “Some of the preparations are taking longer than expected, and we need more time to ensure that the World Beer Festival Richmond meets its potential. The Richmond beer community is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and the World Beer Festival has a unique role to play in enhancing that community.”

“The World Beer Festivals are complex events that reflect our mission of educating and entertaining beer drinkers about the beauty and diversity of beer,” said Bradford. “The unique quality of the festivals spring from a commitment to detail, so that everyone attending—the consumers, the brewers, and the volunteers—leaves the festival enriched.”

The date of the spring event will be announced as soon as possible. The World Beer Festival staff will work closely with partners in Richmond to transition to the new date and make certain all the parties have ample time to plan.


Mom is in a bit of a depressed mood about this news. Apparently we were going to have a bit of a party going on here in Richmond that weekend and were going to see old friends, new friends and family….and my friends from NC were going to come up…the Fourleggeds! Something to look forward to next spring!

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