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pictures 032All About Beer Magazine has announced it’s new host city for the World Beer Festival!!!! Save the date Richmond, Virginia and come to Browns Island for World Beer Festival Richmond on 29 August 2009! 

Mom is super excited about the whole event. I am excited because I get to see a bunch of my friends including: The Fourleggeds, Erika (maybe I can explain to her this time what a ball should really be used for!), The great folks from What you see is what you get and maybe some other friends!

Doubtful I’ll be allowed again to go to the actual event but mom said I’ll be involved somehow! I think I saw her designing a group t-shirt, I might need to help her with that! Because you know that Leinenkugel Brewery should be there in some capacity!

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dscf17391My friend Sasha came to stay with us for a week. Her family got to go skiing in some place called Utah. Sadly for us, it rained almost the whole time Sasha was with us so we didn’t get to do as much playing as we normally do. Don’t get me wrong, we chased down a couple squirrels and figured out that there was a bunny under the shed, but we did it wet. For some reason momwas always wiping our paws and complaining about the mud on the kitchen floor.


We sat on the front porch a lot watching the rain fall and watching the squirrels race across from the telephone wire to the tree in the front yard. Next time Sasha comes, I hope it is nicer out so we can go do more and not have to have our feet wiped every time we came inside.


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Renée has been muttering all day about the white stuff, but Pepper and I were so excited to go out and play. Check it out!


Are you just going to stand there mom, throw the ball!


Pepper loves the snow, but takes forever to dry off!


You can’t catch me Pepper, wait…why are you smiling?


Me: “Mom do we have to go in, I’m having fun”     Renée : “Yes Leinie, it is too cold out and your lips are turning blue.”

Have fun in the sun everyone, it is supposed to be warm again later in the week!

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_dre5996I’m a pretty active dog, some might even call me over active. I love to have fun and really if there is a toy involved I will do just about anything. Chase a ball, catch a Frisbee, swim all day, run around with friends, walk all over Richmond Virginia, place on weird things like fire hydrants and going  full speed at these tasks can be a problem sometimes. Mom had to learn pretty quick when I came to live with her that I needed plenty of exercise and that she needed to watch me carefully when I exercised.

Because I am so gungho, sometimes I don’t even notice if I injure myself. I have run into things and juked my body about and skidded to a stop so many times I usually just shake it off. Unfortunately my excitement can lead to injuries like swimmers tail and heat stroke. Mom is pretty good about noticing when I need to stop. She’s not to bad at giving a massage in the evening to loosen my back and neck up. But  I still hurt sometimes.

A couple weeks ago I was hurting in my neck and my shoulders. I couldn’t stop chasing the ball but noticed I would let out a whimper every once in awhile picking a ball up, but I couldn’t stop… The only way I knew how to tell my Mom was to scream when she touched my ears…well she likes to rub them and they connect to the neck muscles in a round about way, lucky for me Mom noticed and took some action.

Wouldn’t you know it she put me on restricted exercsie. That meant I could go work with Follow Me Dog Training LLC clients, I just wasn’t allowed to play with them and Mom left the ball in the car.

Last week she took me to see Dr. Tracy Lord, DVM. I love this lady! She loved on me and started massaging me gently while she and Mom talked. Dr. Lord said she works on some Malinois’ in Williamsburg, Virginia so knew how crazy I could be. She gave me a chiropractic adjustment and stretched me out a little and it felt sooooo good!

When we were done I didn’t have a problem with them rubbing my ears and was even messing with them a little bit, joking around. I could hold my neck higher and had a little more spring in my step. I can’t wait to see Dr. Lord again next week… although Mom said Pepper was coming so I won’t have Dr. Lord all to myself.

I’m off restricted exercise and can run around like a loon again, mom is still giving me massages and heating my back for me. Mom mentioned something about keeping me in shape and monthly visits to Dr. Lord to keep me moving right!

Now, where is my ball…no time to stop and sleep…


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My friend Chaela sent me a new toy recently. Check it out:


It is called a Humunga Tongue. Mom laughed when she pulled it out of the box. I haven’t played with one in a long time and I’ve only ever borrowed one from friends. Chaela was so cool to send it to me, she has a sense of humor I can appreciate. Mom took Pepper and us outside and she threw it around, once more cracking herself up whenever I carried it back to her with the tongue hanging low.

Honestly though, I may look goofy when I have this thing in my mouth, but Pepper looks downright hysterical!


I’m looking forward to mom taking this toy with us to a lesson or group class…. We’ll have to see how many of my friends can hang on to it.

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41008-023Ginger has been visiting for the past week. She is my favorite Goldendoodle. We have been having fun playing in the back yard and going for walks. She thinks she is as fast as me….but she isn’t!


When Mom is getting work done on the computer Ginger hangs out on the big blue place so she doesn’t wander and get into trouble. Sometimes I join her, sometimes I just get on there to distract her so I can steal the toy she is chewing on.


So last night Pepper was running around acting like a terrier, Ginger and I stayed calm and on our place. I know when Pepper gets worked up she usually does something stupid like run around with mom’s slippers or bounce from couch to chair to couch, and sometimes she will start barking and racing around with the zoomies. Well, Ginger and I didn’t need to get involved in her craziness.

As we were going to bed, Ginger went in her kennel and Pepper, Mom and I went into the bedroom and Mom started laughing hysterically. I of course pricked up my ears thinking we maybe weren’t going to bed, perhaps we were going to play. Not so much, Mom took a picture of what she was laughing at and told me I could blame Pepper all I wanted.


Now look closely at the second shelf far right…that upside down red and black thing is one of Mom’s slippers. Funny how Pepper placed it right next to the picture of her and mom, and right under the stuffed dog’s nose…as though to blame the innocent stuffed animal when we all know it was that darn Irish Terrier!

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Come on, that ball has a purpose doesn't it?

Come on, that ball has a purpose doesn't it?

Last night our friend Erika came to visit for a couple days. We were all sitting around watching tv and I went to explore Erika’s stuff…she has a cat at home and I wanted to make sure the cat didn’t come visit as well. Guess what I found in a bag…a tennis ball..it was new and yellow and just what every malinois’ dreams are made of. Well, apparently she didn’t bring it for me. It made me wonder what other exciting things might be found in the bags Erika brought into the house.

When she sat down with another big bag, I thought for sure this one contained something for me, but instead she pulled out some weird stuff and then a ball attached to a string. But she wouldn’t throw it for me. Mom told me to knock it off and lie down, so I stalked Erika and the ball for awhile.

Apparently Erika was knitting, what a waste of a perfectly good ball.


Just a side note, Erika is in town because she and Renée are going up to Quantico National Cemetary in Virginia for an internment service for retired Marine Lt Col. Vinup. He lost a six year battle with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia. There is no cure for this form of Leukemia. Erika is running in the Yuengling Shamrock  1/2 Marathon  in Virginia Beach March 2009 to help raise funds for a cure. For someone who swore she would only run if being chased, this 1/2 Marathon is a big step for Erika and something that we should all consider supporting. If you are interested in making a donation to Erika’s team, go here for more information http://pages.teamintraining.org/va/shamrock09/evinup

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41008-018Charlotte came to stay with us for the weekend. She is a pretty cool dog, kind of submissive but once she figures out the game, loves to chase around the back yard with Pepper and I. I met her a couple months ago when Momand I started working with her and her family. I like it when friends come to stay because it means more playtime in the back yard and wrestling in the evening.

41008-001It also means though that mom has to clean the kitchen floor…usually cursing under her breath about dirty dog paws…I don’t get it.

41008-017Charlotte needs to understand that I’m not going to give her my pink ball no matter how sweet she is!

Mom’s calling we are off to take Charlotte home and a couple lessons!

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happynewyear092Happy New Years everyone!

Mom and I went and did a lesson with Ginger at Stony Point Shopping Mall this morning. We walked through Dick’s Sporting goods…. do they know that it is detrimental to my mental stability to have all those balls just laying around? We posed for a picture by the large Christmas tree, but Ginger kept moving, I think the wind was blowing her away.

On the way home mom stopped and got a 6 pack of Leinenkugel’s seasonal beer, Fireside Nut Brown.


Mom hasn’t tried it yet, but she told me the lady at the store thought it was one of the best seasonal beers out….of course! Then mom told the lady about me and I think if the store hadn’t been so busy I would have gotten an invite in…maybe next time. I told mom to put the Fireside Nut Brown in the fridge so we could have one to celebrate 2009!


Reilly the Bouvier is here spending the next couple days with us. He’s cool, we run around in the yard barking and chasing each other. This afternoon we were discussing our 2009 resolutions during a breather. Here are some of the ones we came up with:

  • Walk nicely with our owners so we go for longer walks.
  • Keep the squirrels out of the back yard.
  • Not bark at dogs or humans when we are out in public.
  • Let our owners sleep in at least once a week, otherwise stick our cold wet noses in their ears to wake them up.
  • Help pay for dog food with my job.
  • Not destroy any more basketballs at other people’s houses.
  • Have fun and visit friends.
  • Explore more of Richmond Virginia.
  • Be the best demo dog and PR dog,  for Follow Me Dog Training LLC
  • Keep in touch with my friends all over the U.S.

That is all we had a chance to discuss before we took off running again. Mom said her resolutions are alot like mine, especially the more walking, working  and exploring..yay!

As an official BEERDOG I have to remind everyone to drink responsibly and don’t drive!

Have a safe and happy New Year! I hope 2009 is full of good health, much wealth and faithful friends.

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What is it about ribbon bows that  make my human want to stick them on dog heads and laugh. I played along because there was a promise of tennis balls… I don’t know why Maggie and Pepper played along.


Did I sleep through Christmas morning?

Did I sleep through Christmas morning?

Does this bow make my ears look bigger?

Does this bow make my ears look bigger?

you are kidding right...don't make me growl at you

you are kidding right...don't make me growl at you

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I have to go work on my New Years Resolutions….and hide all the bows mom has lying about!

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