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Renée, Frappy and I were wrapping Christmas gifts for our nieces and nephew today. I found this awesome book that we are giving to my oldest niece. As we were were wrapping it up, mom took a few minutes to read it again and I think it is now officially one of my favorite books.

Dubs Goes To Washington And Discovers the Greatness of America… by Dick Morris, Eileen McGann and Clayton J. Liotta

This book is about a Golden Retriever named Dubs who travels to Washington D.C. It is a tragic tale wherein he looses his ball….only a Golden Retriever would loose a ball for so long.  Any good Malinois like myself would hold onto it with dear life giving it only to those that would throw it for them at least a dozen times…

In searching for his ball he visits a bunch of historic landmarks and monuments in Washington D.C. It makes a great gift for everyone in my opinion.

Mom says we should write a book about Frappy and Leinie in Richmond VA… Although I kind of already do this with our challenge over at Follow Me Dog Training LLC called Where’s Leinie?

If you are looking for a last minute gift, check out this book. I give it four paws up!

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Tickets go on sale today for World Beer Festival Richmond VA!!!!!! This alone is news to celebrate. Hundreds of breweries in one place, 4 hours to enjoy yourself, good friends, good food…happiness is…wait I’m not allowed to go?

Mom said dogs aren’t allowed but that I will make my presence known somehow…hmmmm

There is another reason to go to World Beer Festival Richmond VA, the festival is presented by FETCH-a-cure!!!!!

FETCH a Cure is a from-the-heart, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization determinedfetch-logo-color_1 to improve the quality of life for pets.  Founded and run by those who have been faced with cancer and inevitable aging in their own pets, FETCH focuses on issues of pet health, most specifically cancer and aging and provides owners with the resources to recognize symptoms of early cancer detection and the issues regarding senior pet care.

So go order your tickets…Mom and her friends are going to be at the afternoon session! Support Beer and support Fetch A Cure!!!!!

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In 1995, the Leinenkugel Brewery had the brilliant idea to start brewing their Honey Weiss! This is the beer I’m named after. Mom said my coat color was like the Honey Weiss label. Now she admits I’m more like the Classic Amber, but we won’t go into that now.

This beer has won 5 awards and is the Brewery’s biggest seller. In the American Style Wheat Ale or Lager Category it won: Silver in the World Beer Cup 2006, 2004 and 2000 and Gold in 2002 and it won Silver in 1998 at Great American Beer Festival.

Mom loves that she can find Leinie’s Honey Weiss in stores in Richmond VA year round!

So Happy 15th Anniversary Leinie’s Honey Weiss!!!

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HAPPY EASTER!!!!  I was excited this morning! I put at least two full bags of carrots out last night…mom was a little mad. When the alarm went off I couldn’t help but bounce off the bed and start spinning with excitement, damn that snooze button and the grumpy voice saying “Lay down!” All 5 of us did a quick search around the back yard before our walk, but nothing….. When Falcon, Pepper, Mom and I got back from our walk we saw a present on the front porch!


There was also a letter attached. So we let Bandit and Emily out and gathered so Pepper could read it to us.


Dear Leinie,

The squirrels informed me of your meeting and the carrot traps. Being the Easter Bunny can be dangerous work sometimes. One night a year to hide all those darn eggs and deliver all those baskets…you know Santa gets alot of credit but it isn’t like he is hiding the presents…Anyway, I appreciate the attention but I really wish you wouldn’t try to trap me. Set your sights on that Cadbury Bunny, ever since he started hanging out with the Hershey’s M&M guys it is like he joined some weird chocolate gang. Stay away from the Peeps though they can be dangerous!

I need you to pass on some information to your fellow dogs today. Tell them to stay out of the grass I put in the Easter Baskets…really it doesn’t taste good and can be pretty dangerous. I don’t want to hear about you or a bunch of your friends needing surgery because of it. Also remember that chocolate can be toxic to dogs. No chasing, catching or eating any of the baby animals that are being born this spring. (and I know about those Spectators in Ohio eating my brothers and sisters!!!!) If you find any plastic eggs when you are out at the park…I didn’t hide them for you, they are for the kids. Really, when you think of it Easter isn’t a very dog friendly holiday…..

So be good to Renée today and have fun working. Tell Renée I left her a chocolate rabbit on top of the refrigerator, out of your reach! Enjoy the sunshine and HAPPY EASTER!!!

Your’s for the day,

Easter Bunny


Not exactly what I was hoping for but that’s ok…mom just informed me that Easter isn’t all about the bunny anyway. That doesn’t mean I won’t go and try to catch him again next year though! Happy Easter everyone!

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