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Dear Santa,

Mom, Frappy, and I came early to grandma’s house because mom hasn’t decorated for Christmas. Of course that means a couple dozen pictures needed to be taken…just a side note, I was the good dog in posing for the pictures ūüôā Frappy was more interested in the squirrels in the back yard..mom doesn’t have a big sliding glass door for us to look through.

I found an elf on the shelf this morning and it reminded me I needed to get a letter out to you. I let him go when he told me he was spying for you. I really really want a stocking full of tennis balls! I’m hoping catching that elf won’t discourage you from filling up the stocking for me. We all know I am better then Frappy.

On Christmas the whole family will be over for dinner except for Meiko the German Shepherd Dog. He is old and cranky..but still deserves a big rawhide bone in his stocking. That means Frappy and I will have to entertain 9 humans…some of them small and into pulling ears and tails. I have a feeling mom may save our big present for while they are here. Both Frappy and I are hoping we get a new Premier Bouncy Bone to¬†gnaw¬†on.

Mom experienced a Christmas Miracle and found Leinenkugel Red Lager at a store here in Maryland and she is already enjoying that, I will make sure she leaves a couple for you.

Grandpa is already putting the food together for Christmas dinner. I think Frappy thinks that is her own Christmas Miracle because he keeps dropping stuff for her and that never happens at home since we all know that the only thing in mom’s kitchen is Beer!

Frappy did help grandma decorate one of the trees when we first got here.

Grandma showed us the Irish Terrier decorations in memory of Maggie and Pepper. And then pointed at our stockings that are hung by the fireplace with care. My stocking has beer mugs all over it, grandma made it special for me!

This year I decided that for¬†Christmas¬†I wish for peace on Earth, goodwill towards dogs and that all of our Military Men, Women and K9’s are safe and come home soon! A few tennis balls wouldn’t hurt either….

Have a safe trip around the world Santa. Keep in mind we will be in MD for the holidays! I won’t bark at you when you come down the chimney and I will make sure Frappy doesn’t eat the cookies we are leaving for you. The Leinie’s will be cold!

Woofs and hugs from your favorite Malinois!


PS Frappy is disputing the fact that she is on the naughty list after capturing that robin and chasing the squirrel across the yard and making the rabbits duck under the fence…I will let you deal with her as you may.

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Is a Keg and a Leinie….


Although I have a feeling she¬†meant¬†a Keg of Leinenkugel’s…..


PS…keep an eye out for my¬†annual¬†letter to Santa!

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Ren√©e says I have a firm spot on the “nice” list so I thought I would send out my letter to Santa before the big day arrives. Pepper and I will be sure to leave a bottle of Leinie’s and a Milk Bone¬† for Santa and his Reindeer.

Dear Santa,

I don’t really want much for Christmas. Being able to spend time with my family, do my job, have a warm place to sleep and a Kong Ball to gnaw on are the most important things in my world, and I have those already. So as I was curled up snoozing and thinking in my warm sunspot I came up with a few things that I think are especially important.

  • I wish for all the Military Working Dogs ¬†¬†all over the world to find safety and courage in the face of their jobs. May you protect your handlers, find all the weapons and drugs, and on the completion of your tours of duty find a wonderful adoptive home.
  • I wish for the ending of breed specific legislation, spay/neuter laws, and dangerous dog laws that are poorly written and are not helping.
  • I wish for an end to dog fighting through legislation that makes sense…blame the deed not the breed!
  • I wish for a dog friendly United States where I can go run, play and walk because I am responsible and my owner is responsible.
  • I wish all the new puppies and rescued dogs¬†that find their homes over the holidays¬†will explain to their owners the importance of training and exercise.
  • I wish that they would outlaw those flexi/retractable leashes…those things are dangerous for us dogs and our owners.
  • I wish that people would understand that when they bring a dog into their homes, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it.
  • I wish that when I wake up Christmas morning the room will be filled with Tennis balls, Cuz balls, Discs, Kong balls, tugs and warm beds.

I promise to stay on the “nice” list and work¬†hard in 2009. Pepper said to mention she agrees to everything in my letter although I think she mentioned something about eliminating the squirrels.¬†¬†She is too lazy to write herself. Have a safe trip Santa, the Leinie’s will be waiting for you and I promise not to bark when I hear you coming down the chimney!

woofs from your favorite Malinois,



Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Winter Solstice to all my friends, human and dog!

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