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Happy New Years!!!

Over on the Follow Me Dog Training LLC blog;  mom,  Frappy and I put together a list of top 10 tips to make 2011 the best year ever. It turned out pretty cool and I think everyone should concentrate on all 10 tips, we would have a happier world!

I have a few resolutions for the next year. Most people don’t stick with their resolutions but mom always seems to hold me to mine so I’ll share a few with you:

Support our Men, Women and K9’s that are stationed all over the world. They are there so we can live freely here. Special shout out to my buddy James!

Spend time with Family!

Spend time with Friends

Defy the laws of gravity

Learn new things

Stay focused on my goals

Share good beer with everyone!

Sleep hard

Work hard

Play hard

Keep looking forward and never backward

These are only a few, you can imagine that a Malinois like myself has a list as long as my tail. I hope everyone has a fantastic 2011!


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pictures 032All About Beer Magazine has announced it’s new host city for the World Beer Festival!!!! Save the date Richmond, Virginia and come to Browns Island for World Beer Festival Richmond on 29 August 2009! 

Mom is super excited about the whole event. I am excited because I get to see a bunch of my friends including: The Fourleggeds, Erika (maybe I can explain to her this time what a ball should really be used for!), The great folks from What you see is what you get and maybe some other friends!

Doubtful I’ll be allowed again to go to the actual event but mom said I’ll be involved somehow! I think I saw her designing a group t-shirt, I might need to help her with that! Because you know that Leinenkugel Brewery should be there in some capacity!

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41008-018Charlotte came to stay with us for the weekend. She is a pretty cool dog, kind of submissive but once she figures out the game, loves to chase around the back yard with Pepper and I. I met her a couple months ago when Momand I started working with her and her family. I like it when friends come to stay because it means more playtime in the back yard and wrestling in the evening.

41008-001It also means though that mom has to clean the kitchen floor…usually cursing under her breath about dirty dog paws…I don’t get it.

41008-017Charlotte needs to understand that I’m not going to give her my pink ball no matter how sweet she is!

Mom’s calling we are off to take Charlotte home and a couple lessons!

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Ginger and Leinie

Ginger and Leinie

Isn’t Ginger cute! I think so and she loves to play. I met her last week when Renée and I went to do a FREE evaluation with Ginger and her family. We played a little after the evaluation and had a blast. She is still young so she can’t really keep up with my speed. I was doing my best to impress her with my speed and leaping abilities.

Today I had to work again and be a distraction dog for Ginger. Basically that means I get to hang out on my bed and chase down a frisbee while Ginger was learning how to walk on a leash and pay more attention to her owner. Honestly, Ginger and I wanted to just play, Renée had a Frisbee in her back pocket the whole time and we both knew it was there…that is just cruel.

Once Ginger had finished her lesson we were allowed to play!

zoom zoom zoom

zoom zoom zoom

Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can

Ginger is still pretty young…only 5 months so she tired out pretty quickly. I can go all day, Renée has to make me stop and rest or I would just keep going like the Energizer Bunny! So Ginger and her owner, Renée and I went inside for some water and to rest while Renée went over Ginger’s homework. Well that Ginger wouldn’t rest, she and I started wrestling and having a good time. Ginger was flirting with me big time! I’m not a big wrestler I would rather run, but she is so small and cute even I couldn’t resist. But Renée knew I wanted to run again so we went outside and after Ginger had her nails cut, we were allowed to play again.

Play with me!!!

Play with me!!!

I don’t get to play every time I go to a lesson with other dogs. Sometimes the interaction is limited because the other dog isn’t used to dogs or has to concentrate too much at the task at hand without too many distractions. I love the lessons where I get to have fun! I can’t wait till next week to play with Ginger again and see what more she has learned this week. Now I really need a nap though, so I’m going to go curl up on Pepper’s bed and snooze.

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Hi, I’m Leinie the Belgian Malinois. I live in the Richmond, Virginia area with my owner and an Irish Terrier named Pepper. I am named after the Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

I started this blog so I could tell everyone about my adventures with my owner and my job with Follow Me Dog Training LLC. Also I wanted to have my own voice to talk about all the crazy things going on in the world. A dog has a lot to say if people would only listen to us.

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