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Really I have nothing else to say….GO PACKERS!!!!!! Mom is stocking up on the Bratwurst and Leinie’s wishing she had some squeaky cheese!!!

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Frappuccino and Mom went to Bark in the Park night at the Diamond to see the Richmond Flying Squirrels play ball. They had a really good time seeing a bunch of Follow Me Dog Training LLC clients and dog friends.

I didn’t go. I’m not a huge fan of crowds and sitting around. Besides if there are balls and squirrels around I firmly believe that there should be some game of fetch or chase going on. Mom said Frappuccino did a good job.  Frappy said she enjoyed  licking the ears of the people sitting in front of them, meeting the owner of the team Lou DiBella, watching the game and licking mom’s beer bottle. I do want to say how much mom went on about how great all the Follow Me Dog Training LLC dogs were that night, mom was really proud of how they represented our company!

Mom reported back on the beer status at The Diamond,  and she said they had all the usual  Budweiser products and even Yuengling on tap. You could even get your beer at a place called The Budweiser Thirsty Acorn!

I guess we aren’t at a stadium in WI where they would have a Leinie Lodge set up, like where the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers play in Appelton WI. Or at Miller Park where the Milwaukee Brewers play. I know mom would have taken me if they had a Leinie Lodge set up at the Diamond!

I hope they do another Bark in the Park night at the Diamond. Sounds like good fun. Meanwhile mom and I can enjoy a frosty beverage watching a game on tv together…she got a really nice pint glass for us to share. Oh and you better believe that that is a Leinie’s Red in that glass!

“Beer needs baseball, and baseball needs beer – it has always been thus.” Peter Richmond

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We all know that the Leinenkugel Brewery is the best thing to have ever come out of Wisconsin right? I just want you to make sure that you all are sure of that fact because I’m about to discuss another Wisconsin brew and don’t want you to get confused.

Who hasn’t at one time in their beer drinking life had a taste of good old PBR. The Pabst Brewing Company actually has quite a few beers that you may have had at one time: Shaefer, Old Style Beer, Colt 45 Malt Liquor, McSorleys Ale, and Strohs Beer.

So we just learned that you can help buy the Pabst Brewing company! so far, $5.25 Million has been pledged to but the company. Mom tried to explain the concept of crowdsourcing to me but honestly it didn’t make much sense…I couldn’t get past the whole “Lets all get together and buy a brewery!” idea.

The asking price is $300 Million, you don’t have to spend any money today. Make a pledge, you’ll be notified when the asking price is met and once you pay you’ll get a crowdsourced certificate of ownership.


Mom say’s we’re going out to find a 6 pack of PBR..got to go!

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E-PALOOZA 5: A Gathering Of Training Professionals Dedicated To Educating And Enhancing The World Of Dogs.

An anual event hosted by That’s My Dog! Inc, in Hazel Green Wisconsin. Speakers include Cyndy Douan, Scott Mueller, Larry Sontag, Robin MacFarlane and others.

Follow Me Dog Training LLC is on it’s way to Wisconsin! I’m so excited, that means we are going to see my friends in Rhinelander..I hear they have a few new dogs in the pack. I get to go swimming!!!! Hopefully I won’t get swimmers tail this year!

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I also get to see all my old friends from Hazel GreenMom’s also been naming the people and dog friends that are going to be there and I can’t wait to go run in the pasture with them!

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Mom needs to get the car packed and load us up, I hear we are stopping by Grandma and Grandpa’s house to drop off Pepper. Let’s go mom, I got my ball, that is all I need!!!!

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