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It the “Dog Days of Summer”! My favorite thing to do in the summertime is swim!!! Mom has recently been exploring more and found a few spots on the James River to let Frappy and I swim. We also recently had an opportunity to swim at a lake with a bunch of our friends. It was awesome.

I like to swim, but like with everything else, I like there to be a purpose and preferably a ball or bumper involved! I’m an avid dock diver although I have never competed and really don’t do it enough these days. Frappuccino has turned into quite the little fish herself. (you can see more of Frappys fun summer swimming at the Follow Me Dog Training LLC Blog)

Here is a video of some of our fun!

You better believe when we got home we all slept soundly! ….And I’m pretty sure mom had herself a Leinie’s Summer Shandy to cool off!

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July Fourth isn’t just about good beer (the Leinie’s is chilling for mom!), chilling in the pool or at the river, back yard barbecues and fireworks. It’s about the United States of America and our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Our great country would not be what it is today if it weren’t for all the amazing men, women and K9’s that have fought for those rights. Thank you is never enough.

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We all know about the horrible oil spill that is devastating our wildlife and natural resources in gulf…Right?

It makes me mad. It makes my Mom mad! The pictures of all that wildlife are just horrible. And now there are reports that the people that lived off the Gulf, are out of jobs and they can’t support their pets and the shelters are overwhelmed with people that are out of work and need to give up their dogs. What the heck??? USA Today just posted that the shelters in Louisiana are about full and that they are accepting donations for people that are hurting with out jobs and can’t feed their pets.

You can donate your fur…go get groomed or have your owners brush you out and send it to Matter of Trust. Even though BP is now saying they don’t want the booms, Matter of Trust is making the booms and helping out the municipalities and harbors along the gulf.

Today Mom and I heard of the best thing yet…it is right up our alley! Abita Beer, a local brewery to New Orleans, has produced the Abita SOS – A Charitable Pilsner.

Working with the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board (LSPMB), Abita Beer announced that it has established ‘SOS – A Charitable Fund’ that will assist with the rescue and restoration of the environment, industry and individuals fighting to survive this disastrous oil spill.

The fund has pledged that 100% of all money raised will go to charity. In addition, the Louisiana Seafood Marketing Board will play an important role in advising where the money can do the most good. An advisory committee is being established as the donation process and grant procedures are finalized.

The centerpiece of the fundraising effort is a new charitable beer created by Abita. The brew, called SOS – A Charitable Pilsner, will generate 75¢ for every bottle sold. This Abita Beer is a message in a bottle…a distress signal for the troubled waters of our Gulf Coast. For every bottle sold Abita will donate 75¢ to the rescue and restoration of the environment, industry and individuals fighting to survive this disastrous oil spill. This unfiltered Weizen Pils is made with Pilsner and Wheat malts. It is hopped and dry hopped with Sterling and German Perle hops. It has a brilliant gold color, a sweet malt flavor, and a pleasant bitterness and aroma.

In addition, related retail merchandise (hat, tee shirt, lapel pin, decal and car magnet) will be sold and 100% of the net proceeds will also go to the SOS Fund.

I don’t know yet if we’ll be able to find this locally, Mom says there is a store nearby that sells Abita. The brewery says it will hit stores mid July and they will make a big ruckus about it as they should! I hope they will be selling it here in Richmond Virginia, because this is a worthy cause….. Now GO drink some beer and help our Gulf Coast!

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