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” Every Easter the Easter Beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs, which he hands out to all the good little children.” -Linus Van Pelt

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Hardywood Park Craft Brewery has had some amazing news the past couple months.

First there was the mention of both the Single and Gingerbread Stout in BeerAdvocate Magazine #63. But the Gingerbread Stout was awarded a score of 100 from BeerAdvocate, and 100’s don’t come easy!

This past weekend was the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America in San Diego. The Hardywood Gingerbread Stout was awarded the bronze medal in the Herb and Spice Beer Catagory! About 3,921 beers were judged in different categories, 799 Breweries were represented and 211 judges from all over the country were in San Diego.

Congrats also go out to the other 4 Virginia beers that took home medals.

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Happy Oktoberfest!!!!

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Taking a moment to honor our fallen Men, Women and Military War Dogs on Memorial Day 2011.

I went to visit the Virginia War Memorial with my mom a couple months ago and it was a powerful reminder of the sacrifices the United States has made through it’s men, women and MWD’s.

So at the very least take a break from your holiday weekend activities and at 3pm on Memorial Day, pause for the Moment of Remembrance. Reflect on the sacrifices big and small of those that have served our country so that we may stay free.

Then you can raise a Leinie’s in memory to those that have passed and in thanks to those that are serving! Hey CSM James Hamm, I’ll make sure mom raises a couple for you and come home safe so we can toss a frisbee together sometime soon!


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I’ve had 365 days to come up with a new plan and I think I have this down. Gone are the days of laying a trap with carrots and look outs. And Frappy proved last year that carrot traps were futile… We have had some changes in the household and I don’t have Pepper’s support any more so I have been training Frappy. Unfortunately during training, Frappy hurt a paw so we had to look to outside help this year again. At this point you might be wondering what this is about….well, lets call it my quest to meet the Easter Bunny!

He has left me a letter the past two years and I just haven’t been able to figure out how I haven’t been able to catch him. So I thought things through again and here is part of the plan…I can’t tell you all because apparently the moles and the squirrels are spying for the Easter Bunny and they read blogs.

So I have Bull the German Shorthair Pointer and Austin the Schnauzer running wind sprints in the yard, I’m pretty sure they are faster then any bunny out there.

I have MacIver, the Scottish Deer Hound,working on his rabbit impersonations….

Frappy keeps getting into things and messing with the traps….

Lets go Easter Bunny! I know I can get you this year!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

In years past, I would let the Irish Terrier that lived here take over this spot. Sadly she passed last year but still lives on in our memory and mom will surely raise a pint or two in her honor tonight.

Today is the day to drink one of the best beers ever…Guinness!!! It is a staple in our refrigerator.


Drink responsibly and have a great day everyone!


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I know I have made it very clear that really anything from the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery is the best, but sometimes it is important to support your local brewery!

Legend Brewing Co. has been a part of Richmond Virginia for 17 years now. They have a cool restaurant and pub attached to the brewery and when it is warm enough for sitting outside, dogs can sit on the other side of the patio seating fence. Mom has only taken me a couple times, but she has told me all about it.

You can take a free tour of the brewery every Saturday at 1pm. And mom said it is totally worth it to go see where all the awesome beers are brewed. Mom is a fan of their Legend Chocolate Porter and their Brown Ale.

Follow Me Dog Training LLC announced that the February Where’s Leinie? challenge was to find me at Legend Brewing Co! Congrats to Grady Beans for finding me! Where’s Leinie? February 2011

Support your local brewery if you can’t get your favorite Leinie!

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Today is Veterans Day! A day to thank, and remember those men, women and K9’s that have bravely served our country’s Military.

In today’s military history many Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd Dogs are on the front line with our troops. They are doing an amazing job and I want to personally send a “woof” to you all and I know mom is putting together a box of dog stuff for some troops in Afghanistan to go out today.

This Veteran’s Day I want like to draw attention to one of the most decorated Canine war heroes in US history. Stubby, was a bull terrier mix that wandered into the camp of the Connecticut 102nd Infantry in 1917. Smuggled aboard ship by a young Private, his adventures in France began.

His most famous exploit however, came during the Battle of the Argonne where he is credited with the capture an enemy spy. Official accounts note that Stubby leaped from the safety of the trench, bit a previously undetected intruder on the seat of his breeches and held him there until the shocked German could be disarmed. –Sam L. Rothman

He had a long and incredibly interesting military career and when he returned home, he returned to the United States a hero. Upon his death in 1926 his remains were preserved and given to the Smithsonian . His obituary, in the  New York Times, was 3 columns long.

Stubby was certainly not the first dog to go to war with the Unites States Military, but he is on of the most decorated K9’s that stood on the grounds of some of the most important battles of World War I.

So today I’ll have mom raise a glass of Leinenkugel’s Creamy Dark in honor of Stubby and all the other K9’s that have gone to war for the United States! Thank You!!!!

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Admittedly we all want to be winners, but sometimes it is an honor to have people vote for you and come up as a top dog! Recently there was a photo contest held by Premier Pet Products on Facebook. They choose 13 finalists and then had Facebook friends vote for their favorite. There were some really cool pictures and even I think the top two were pretty darn cool! Now all three of us are in the Premier  Photo Hall of Fame!

I love my Bouncy Bone!!!!

Premier has some really cool toys and stuff. I love their Bouncy Bone! Mom got me my first one at an IACP conference in Texas a couple years ago. I still have the ball rolling around somewhere…I let Frappy play with it sometimes.

So thanks to Premier for holding a cool contest! Thanks to all my friends that voted for me! And special thanks to my mom for training me so I could go out and do cool stuff like this!

Want to teach your dog to lend a hand….go train with Follow Me Dog Training LLC . You can also keep up with the business, Frappy and I on Facebook.

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September 11 2010 is a day that all Americans should take a moment to remember, thank and support. 9 years ago the landscape of America was changed forever. We owe it to ourselves to continue supporting the men, women and k9’s that are deployed all over the world to fight for our freedom.

I remember

Thank you

I would send you my Kong ball if it would help!

(actually Follow Me Dog Training LLC did send some Kong Balls just recently to an EOD Unit of 5 dogs!)

Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations

of our biggest buildings, but they cannot

touch the foundation of America.

These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent

the steel of American resolve.

America was targeted for attack because

we are the brightest beacon for freedom

and opportunity in the world.

And no one will keep that light from shining.

President George W. Bush

September 11, 2001

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