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Need a hand picking out your pumpkin?

Halloween is tomorrow. It’s a fun holiday…..at least I thought it was until mom came home all giddy for some reason. I can’t believe what she has done to us! I never thought in a million years this would happen to me. Pepper is concocting a plan to make this all worthwhile, but frankly I’m embarrassed.

pictures 132

pictures 129

Of all the asinine, crazy, harebrained ideas she has had, this costume takes the cake. Thanks mom…I can’t go out in public like this…I just can’t.

Pepper here!

This is brilliant, absolutely brilliant! What better way is there to sneak up on those damn squirrels and infiltrate their army!!!! They can’t escape us…we can totally pull this off. Hey! Stop laughing at me!

pictures 139

pictures 137

You just wait and see I can take over the world, even in this outfit!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween…I’m going to go see if this is actually working for Pepper. I’ll let you know.


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Maddie & Me

A couple weekends ago Mom and I went to NC. Usually we got to NC to visit our friends Todd and Rachel and their Fourleggeds. But this time Mom said we were going to see different friends…Robin and Maddie from That’s My Dog! Inc. They were going to be in town for a workshop hosted by Carolina Dog Training LLC.

pictures 086

There were some really cool dogs taking part in the workshop. Some of the dogs included were, an Italian Spinone named Milo, a cool pitmix named Jersey, a Boxer named Luna, a Chihuahua named Batman and a Clumber Spaniel named Jimmy. There were also a couple members of the United States Pentagon Police K-9 Unit, they were really impressive dogs and both Mom and I thanked them for their service!


Milo the Italian Spinone

pictures 091

Jimmy the Clumber Spaniel & Renée

pictures 081


pictures 083

everyone loose leash walking!

Even though the weather wasn’t all that great, we had a wonderful time. All the dogs learned a ton, I was happy to see Robin and Maddie and mom made some cool new friends. Continuing education is important for everyone…at least that is what mom keeps telling me!

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pictures 075

Good news for fans of the Carolina Brewery!!!! They just signed a distribution agreementto have their beers sold at Harris Teeter and some resturaunts. Kegs and growlers of their Sky Blue Golden Ale, Flagship IPA and Copperline Amber Ale will be offered.

Momsays she likes their Copperline Amber Ale and is looking forward to visiting the brewery in a couple weeks with our friends Todd and Rachel later in the month. Todd and Rachel own the Fourleggeds. Mom gets to go to the Carolina Brewery and I get to see my NC girlfriends; Lexi, Chloe, Beth and Shea!

pictures 072

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