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The First Gentlemen of Virginia, 1909    John Ward Dunsmore

George Washington wasn’t just the first President of the United States of America, he was also a dog lover!

He kept over 36 hounds for his favorite past time, Fox Hunting. He was also an original breeder for the American Foxhound.

This is why I like George though; he had four Hounds named Drunkard, Taster, Tipler and Tipsy.

George Washington was also a fan of a good porter! In a letter written by his secretary Tobias Lear we see his love of Porter brewed by Philadelphia brewer, Robert Hare:

“Will you be so good as to desire Mr. Hare to have if he continues to make the best Porter in Philadelphia 3 gross of his best put up for Mount Vernon? as the President means to visit that place in the recess of Congress and it is probable there will be a large demand for Porter at that time.”

He even had a recipe for his own beer! How do we not love this guy? Although he was mostly a fan of a good dark Porter, preserved in a notebook is this recipe for small beer:

“To Make Small Beer

Take a large Siffer [Sifter] full of Bran Hops to your Taste. — Boil these 3 hours then strain out 30 Gall[ons] into a cooler put in 3 Gall[ons] Molasses while the Beer is Scalding hot or rather draw the Melasses into the cooler & St[r]ain the Beer on it while boiling Hot. let this stand till it is little more than Blood warm then put in a quart of Yea[s]t if the Weather is very Cold cover it over with a Blank[et] & let it Work in the Cooler 24 hours then put it into the Cask — leave the bung open till it is almost don[e] Working — Bottle it that day Week it was Brewed.”

I think we should all raise a good dark porter in honor of George Washington’s Birthday!!!!!

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My Mom told me today that she thinks I’m the best looking Malinois she knows. So I asked her how come we weren’t at Madison Square Gardens today and tomorrow so I could prove that to the world. She grumbled something about an inflated ego, a big head, and that we had work to do that didn’t include a beauty contest.

Beauty contest???????

15-16 February 2010 are the dates of the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It’s not just some beauty contest. Did you know that it is “…America’s second-longest continuously held sporting event” Yep…sporting event…it predates  the invention of basketball and the establishment of the World Series! It even predates the Iditarod.

Every year Mom, Pepper and I watch the show on the USA Network just to see who should be named Best in Show. Pepper and I find it sad that neither an Irish Terrier or a Belgian Malinois have ever won the honor.

I think we could be contenders!

The least they could have done was ask us to be in the commercial!

So tonight and tomorrow night go grab a beer and a seat in front of the TV with your human friends and tune into the  134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!

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“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog. A dog can show you more honest affection with a flick of his tail than a man can gather through a lifetime of handshakes.”
Gene Hill

Happy Valentines Day!   Love Leinie

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Thanks to my friends at Unleashed Unlimited I found out about a really cool new product. Check this out :

Bark 4 Beer is making a very useful product for beer lovers! It is a dog collar with a bottle opener attached. Now when you are desperately looking for a bottle opener you can just call your dog to you and he’ll help you out! I have to admit this is a awesome idea for the beer drinker in your life. I really like their logo as well! I might need to get my mom a t-shirt.

I usually sport my Riffwear collar from the Georgia Dog Gym or my company colors so I don’t know if mom is going to get one of these for me to wear. Not to mention that the Leinenkugel Brewery bottles their beers with twist off caps! But we do have some friends that I can think of that would love this!

I know we’ll keep an eye on Bark4Beer though, because they may come up with even more cool stuff in the future!

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