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dscf17391My friend Sasha came to stay with us for a week. Her family got to go skiing in some place called Utah. Sadly for us, it rained almost the whole time Sasha was with us so we didn’t get to do as much playing as we normally do. Don’t get me wrong, we chased down a couple squirrels and figured out that there was a bunny under the shed, but we did it wet. For some reason momwas always wiping our paws and complaining about the mud on the kitchen floor.


We sat on the front porch a lot watching the rain fall and watching the squirrels race across from the telephone wire to the tree in the front yard. Next time Sasha comes, I hope it is nicer out so we can go do more and not have to have our feet wiped every time we came inside.


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Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

But I concede already…I have an Irish Terrier in the house that thinks today is all about her and mom sure seems to be treating her extra special today…. so since she doesn’t have her own blog, I’ll let her take over mine just for today, while I go try to trap a Leprechaun under the shed. If you are wondering why I am relinquishing control to Pepper…find out what the Irish Terrier’s are really like at the Follow Me Dog Training LLC blog!

Pepper here, and the first thing everyone reading this blog should know is that Guinness is the beer of the Irish..none of that Leinenkugel stuff today.



If you aren’t spending the day; hugging an Irish dog, listening to Gaelic Storm, having a few pints of Guinness, and wearing green….I won’t pinch you, I’ll bite you!




Leinie here… I promise to never let Pepper take over the blog again…. Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!


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Renée has been muttering all day about the white stuff, but Pepper and I were so excited to go out and play. Check it out!


Are you just going to stand there mom, throw the ball!


Pepper loves the snow, but takes forever to dry off!


You can’t catch me Pepper, wait…why are you smiling?


Me: “Mom do we have to go in, I’m having fun”     Renée : “Yes Leinie, it is too cold out and your lips are turning blue.”

Have fun in the sun everyone, it is supposed to be warm again later in the week!

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