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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

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Admittedly we all want to be winners, but sometimes it is an honor to have people vote for you and come up as a top dog! Recently there was a photo contest held by Premier Pet Products on Facebook. They choose 13 finalists and then had Facebook friends vote for their favorite. There were some really cool pictures and even I think the top two were pretty darn cool! Now all three of us are in the PremierĀ  Photo Hall of Fame!

I love my Bouncy Bone!!!!

Premier has some really cool toys and stuff. I love their Bouncy Bone! Mom got me my first one at an IACP conference in Texas a couple years ago. I still have the ball rolling around somewhere…I let Frappy play with it sometimes.

So thanks to Premier for holding a cool contest! Thanks to all my friends that voted for me! And special thanks to my mom for training me so I could go out and do cool stuff like this!

Want to teach your dog to lend a hand….go train with Follow Me Dog Training LLC . You can also keep up with the business, Frappy and I on Facebook.

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